Gethin Anthony in Copenhagen

I had these a while back (yes, A WHILE BACK) so if you’re seeing these for the first time, great but I’m sure you’ve been lusting over him in GoT and other things before. Gethin Anthony has this ‘never getting out of bed’ quality that we all love especially on a cold Sunday morning. These are from “Copenhagen”, available on Netflix. I’m still trying to find time to post but I am keeping the site alive so do come back every now and then. Enjoy! Read more

James Norton in McMafia

It is evident that I am VERY absent these days but occasionally you do feel the need to share – case in point, James Norton in BBC’s new crime thriller “McMafia”. I know this because James Norton’s page has surged over the past couple of weeks so here are them stills for your enjoyment. The other hot piece is Brazilian actor Caio Blat – still number two speaks for itself, no? Read more

A Homecoming Indeed

tom holland, tom holland shirtless

Yes, I’m not dead yet – just very, very occupied. Well before the pitchforks are out, you really have to give me some sort of break for keeping this website up in the mean time! Anyways, this post is quite special because above shot of British actor Tom Holland (yes I know, cold shower afterwards, etc.) in “Spider-man: Homecoming” takes me way, way back to when I first started this. It almost deserves a hashtag but I’ll try not to go down that route and keep this joint OLD and CRUSTY, the way you like it. In all seriousness though, thanks to everyone who emailed and really sorry I can’t reply but I do appreciate it. Read more

Finn is All You Need

Finn Wittrock Shirtless

Furry men are really everything – but sometimes you just want a smooth, tattoo-less all American piece and Finn Wittrock fits the bill. This shot is from the film “All My American” and although I’d prefer Aaaron Eckhart myself, but once in a while someone like Finn is just what you need. Read more

In the Bed All Day…

Steffen Groth Shirtless

This weekend is wonderful because the sun is shining and I’m doing literally nothing. Well, I’m posting these caps of fine piece of German beef Steffen Groth but that’ about it. I mean, if he’s waiting for me in bed like that I would take the whole year off, lock the door and flush the key (there’s an en-suite by the way). Thanks Jair for these deliciousness! Read more

The Chest in Grantchester

Robson Green and James Norton Shirtless in Grantchester

My first thought when I saw this is – WHY AM I STILL HERE. Robson Green is the undisputed grade A hairy daddy of the North, combined with equally delicious James Norton from ITV series “Grantchester”, it will inspire all of us to write our own fiction based on these two. Read more

Torben Liebrecht in Morgen hör ich auf

Torben Liebrecht in Morgen hör ich auf

Here’s a nice continental treat to start your weekend. I’m not sure what’s how continental German TV production is, but from a thorough look of them visuals – it’s either going to be a very good camera person or there’s absolutely nothing on this piece of hairy beef, Torben Liebrecht seen here in an episode of “Morgen hör ich auf”. Thanks to JRM for these. Read more

It’s Friday!

I’m not sure whether this is how you sell expensive furniture, but I can watch this advert 20 times over and not see anything else. Trust me, I’ve tried.


John Krasinski Shirtless in 13 Hours: The Secret Soldiers of Benghazi

This goes to show how out of touch I was in the manwhoring world. My life is now complete (I know I say that a lot but this time I REALLY MEAN IT). Read more

A Full Assault on the Libido

Liam Hemsworth Shirtless in The Dressmaker

It’s evident that the Hemsworth brothers are going full on assault on our libidos, first with the older one and now with very similar manwhore stance – Liam Hemsworth in all his bearded glory. These are from Australian revenge comedy-drama (that’s what it says on Wikipedia) “The Dressmaker” capped by Jair and yes, they have done some pretty serious damage to my virtual ovaries. Read more