Orlando Bloom in Zulu

Orlando Bloom Shirtless in Zulu

Orlando Bloom was kind of my everything when he first waltzed into the Hollywood scene as Legolas in “The Lord of the Rings” films, but over time other pieces of hotness have surpassed him as my taste in men leans more towards the mature and hairy. These screen captures are from his latest film “Zulu” with Forest Whitaker – a 2013 crime thriller set in South Africa clearly exploits the roughed up and aged Orlando to its full potential. Now to the vital information – buttocks are out on full force, no frontal and several shirtless scenes balanced out all the violent bits of the film so it’s very watchable. Read more

A Firm Salute for Manwhores Everywhere

Zac Efron Shirtless in MTV Video Music Awards 2014

The last time I sat and tortured my eyeballs watching an award show was 2001 so I obviously didn’t get the memo that there’s a ‘Best Shirtless Performance’ category in MTV Movie Awards and last night this happened. Following YEARS long campaign of Zac Efron’s shirtlessness in “That Awkward Moment”, this UNSCRIPTED and SPONTANEOUS stint is perhaps the biggest and final plug for the film. On to the next one! Read more

Wake-up Call

Early Jon Hamm from The Big Date

This morning is brought to you by a 25-year-old mah husband back when he was a fabulous waiter trying to win a chick with a promise of an ‘evening of total fabulosity’ on the “The Big Date”. She obviously had a thing for frosted tips and Bill Pullman circa “While You Were Sleeping” (who doesn’t?) so thank goodness for that. All my known senses are getting hyper and I’m not sure whether it’s the sight of a vintage Jon Hamm who looks basically like Jon Hamm 18 years later or the fact that all the guys on this show have the ESSENTIAL 90s look. I just want to stroll along Jon’s middle part and set up nest under one of his JTT flaps for eternity. Watch the clip after the jump. Read more

Keeping the Subway Safe and Your Tunnels Flooded

Guilherme Leao

While someone like Guilherme Leão here would model expensive clothes everywhere else, in Brazil they work as security guards at the SUBWAY STATION so Brazil is the only place you need to live. I’ve put up with too many grumpy, smelly old farts in other parts of the world and I need these beautiful model grade guys working regular jobs in my life. Guilherme Leão is voted “Hottest Guard” on tourism site Veja São Paulo and while Guilherme’s work scope now focuses around taking selfies with some lucky bitches all day, it’s only a matter of time before he gets a modelling contract, lead role in a film, a chart topping single, representing Brazil in the Olympics before flying off to the moon. Some people just have everything. Read more

Better in HD: Dennis Quaid in Flight of the Phoenix

Dennis Quaid Shirtless in Flight of the Phoenix

I highly doubt I would look like anything near Dennis Quaid when I reach his age, so hats and pants off to him for keeping the fitness at the top in this 2004 survival drama “Flight of the Phoenix” (UK). This is obviously another fix for your daddy complex, and I’m talking about myself – although I highly doubt I’m the only one! Obviously, Dennis Quaid is the prime choice for big screen father figure so expect more Dennis posts in the near future. Read more

Do We Have To Go Through This Again?

Chris Evans in Variety Magazine

First he said he’s not going to do shirtless scenes anymore (thankfully that was an empty threat) now he wants to quit acting altogether? Unless he’s going to be a Corbin Fisher exclusive, Chris Evans really needs to quit playing games with our libidos because this is not on. These museum grade portraits are shot by Danielle Levitt for the latest issue of Variety magazine. I’ve yet to see “Captain America: The Winter Soldier” but if there isn’t a shirtless scene like the first one, why can’t they take his shirt away in one of the shots at least?  Read more

A Tale of Two Herculeses

The Rock as Hercules

The Rock and John Cena was really my everything back in my college years but despite the constant shirtlessness in upcoming Brett Ratner’s “Hercules”, nothing is going on down there. I don’t know whether it’s due to the facepubes aren’t working for him or the fact that his new film is more like the source of inspiration for straight gym going, Mens Health reading guys who take selfies in the locker room every chance they get. I’d still hit it twice over every night of the week, but whatever it is, this is miles better than bargain bin quality release starring Kellan Lutz. They really need to find other good use for that body instead of wasting money in something only die hard Twilight fans would watch. Perhaps a cameo in Sean Cody’s short film? Freshly released trailer for “Hercules” and it’s awkward step brother “The Legend of Hercules” after the jump. Read more

New Ginge on the Block

George Mackay Shirtless in How I Live Now

As much as you want to think this hot piece of ginge is Rupert Grint – it’s not although George Mackay is equally young, British and of course, ginger. Yes, my taste in men is completely different but I still have a soft, wet spot for gingers regardless of their state – although the rule of thumb is always the hairier the better. These are from war drama “How I Live Now” (UK) with Saoirse Ronan and Tom Holland. Read more

Better in HD: Justin Bartha in Failure to Launch

Justin Bartha Shirtless in Failure to Launch

If there’s anyone in anything who can make me feel like a raging One Direction fan, it’s definitely Justin Bartha in “Failure to Launch” with Matthew McConaughey and Bradley Cooper. The scene was short and he was injusticely half covered, but those blue eyes and hairy chest made up for everything. 8 years on with various films and TV work, we STILL don’t get a full view which is a damn shame. Also worth nothing, Rob Corddry. I find him extremely sexy in his own Phil Spencer kind of way. Read more

Jason Beghe in Californication

Jason Beghe Shirtless in Californication

Last week I’ve posted one of the most important pieces in this massive puzzle of hotness, Jason Beghe from “G.I. Jane” and it’s time to catch up with that body. I’ve managed to dig out this scene from “Californication” featuring Jason with an AMAZING salt and pepper beard but the sad news is all the magical follicle forest wasn’t as great as it used to be. Naturally I’m not happy but that beard is seriously doing unspeakable things to my lower body. Along with that voice, it can’t be healthy. This post contains Jason doing the mangina so proceed with caution, and preferably a box of tissues. Read more