Fresh From the “I Never Do This But…” Files

Nick Jonas Shirtless in Flaunt

Let’s take the label off this and stick a “I ONLY DO THIS NOW” instead, it’s just one of those obligatory Disney duties. First of all, I have absolutely nothing against manwhoring – in fact I embraced it wholeheartedly because hell, without manwhoring this joint would not bloody exist in the first place. In essence, I owe everything and more to manwhoring! Here’s a recent convert on the block Nick Jonas doing his Disney duties (following the footsteps of Zac Efron of course) in Flaunt magazine. I might be in my pre-senile state but it seems like only yesterday that he posted this on Instagram. The buttcrack shot totally makes up for the douchey vibe he’s giving in this spread. Read more

John Schneider is Really A Gift That Keeps On Giving

John Schneider Shirtless Workout

Sure he’s not to everyone’s taste, but sexually John Schneider is really a gift to me. Just when you thought he couldn’t give anymore on screen, it turns out over the past couple of years John Schneider has become THAT surburban dad who got bored, bought a bunch of gym equipment and quickly became a fitness freak. YES, YES AND YES! Even better, he is whoring out his fitness things (ain’t nobody got time to listen to all that marketing crap) by showcasing his mostly sweaty body on YouTube. It’s almost impossible to watch them videos without hitting the mute button and taking your pants off. The shirtless gods have answered my prayers yet again! “Coach John” sounds like a recurring character in my gay porno stash, but this time shit got real. Thanks to everyone who sent this in! Read more

Naturally, This Happened

Tom Daley Shirtless for 2015 Calendar

I know I’ll be getting a lot of hate for this, but I really need to post something to fill up the gaps in your life. Diving toddlers are coming out left right and centre, so they have to urgently exploit every inch of Tom Daley before the next feature fetus pushes him out of the spotlight. It’s a shame that a year has 12 months instead of 6 because he can come up with another calendar sooner. Read more

At Long Last, Beau Mirchoff’s Chest Gets a Break It Deserves

Beau Mirchoff Shirtless in Born to Race: Fast Track

It’s a well known fact that Beau Mirchoff’s chest has been to hell and back, it’s good to know that recently his chest has recovered from the terrible ordeal he has experienced during his time in MTV series “Awkward”, which it has been stripped down to the roots in effort to emulate a five-year-old. These are from his new film “Born to Race: Fast Track“, which I’d imagine is the “Rush” of the bargain bin market. I have so much love for these dollar gems like no other – it’s really where the hottest guys are. Without them, we have no choice but to endure the constant manwhoring from the likes of Zac Efron and Dan Osborne.  Read more

Peter Sarsgaard in Very Good Girls

Peter Sarsgaard Shirtless in Very Good Girls

My last shirtless memory of Peter Sarsgaard was from “The Mysteries of Pittsburgh” and that will forever be the big laminated poster on the ceiling of my libido – but further exploits since include “An Education“, “Orphan” and “Lovelace” which desperately needs a post by the way. Obviously, “Kinsey” is an essential Sarsgaard viewing when you’re a fan and they really should release that in Blu-Ray bloody 4K. If you’re wondering what he’s doing lately, Peter is playing a pervy boss (one of my favourite porn characters ever) in coming of age film “Very Good Girls” capped by Jair. I’m not sure whether it’s the lighting or it’s purely the work of the satanic device that is the trimmer, but he seems to be less fuzzy in this. Also, if you’re into the younger types there’s Lenny Platt, Boyd Holbrook and Sterling Jones deshirted as well. Read more

More Eion Bailey in Ray Donovan

Eion Bailey Shirtless in Ray Donovan with Liev Schreiber

The above could easily be a screen shot from one of my wettest dreams, but in fact it’s from a recent episode of “Ray Donovan” featuring YES more foliage from Eion Bailey with bonus Liev Schreiber in the frame. Liev is unfortunately not shirtless but it doesn’t take much for your eyes to undress him (kindly refer here and here) and bring them closer together before doing the obligatory reenactment of “From Here to Eternity” in your head. Yes, it takes experience to do that and if you’re a regular in this joint you should’ve done that by the time I finish this sentence. It’s only natural! Read more

What’s Blond and Furry All Over?

Thomas Jane Shirtless in Drive Hard

After a break from the orgasmic fest that is “Hung”, the always furry Thomas Jane returns in a less mainstream film “Drive Hard” as a washed out racing car driver set in Gold Coast, Australia with a mop on his head capped by Jair. Yes, ‘washed out’ is maybe the one way ticket for Thomas Jane to typecasting town but his body is ANYTHING BUT. It is evident that people are missing the fuzz since the break, so naturally the chest was unleashed in the very beginning of the film. I’d say this is the only way to start the week! Read more

Wake-up Call

Dan Stevens in The Guest

Here’s a new addition to the most beautiful men on the planet list or rather list of big genetic lottery winners, right next to Matt Bomer. I haven’t watched a single “Downton Abbey” episode so I don’t know how often Dan Stevens took his top off, but I bet he looks damn bloody hot in period costume. This is from his new film “The Guest” where he plays the impossibly beautiful guy who’s good at every fucking thing. The fact is most people will just stare into his blue eyes for 90 minutes while having kleenex at the ready. There is shirtlessness in this film (praise the skin gods), but I’ve decided to use his beauty as a feature image. You’ve gotta keep some sort of mystery right? Trailer after the jump. Read more

A Work of ART

Eion Bailey Shirtless in Covert Affairs

After a shit weather yesterday, this comparably glorious morning is proudly complemented by the EVEN MORE GLORIOUSLY hairy chest, torso and beyond of Eion Bailey (see complete works and “Covert Affairs“) in a recent episode of “Ray Donovan” capped by Jair. Yes, there is nothing covert about that chest (although it has to be said that granny cardigan is completely unnecessary) – it’s a fucking work of art! When Vincent van Gogh painted “The Starry Night” this is what he had in mind – that’s a fact. I watch very little TV series lately, so the only way to get me to watch “Ray Donovan” is to have Liev Schreiber and this fine hairy piece having a shower together in slow motion for at least 20 minutes per episode. Now that would be a huge ratings success! Read more

Oh, It’s Just a Manwhore Being a Manwhore

Dan Osborne Shirtless

Apart from porn, one of Britain’s biggest manwhores Dan Osborne has dipped his tip into every single manwhoring venture there is with the latest one being the main whore in Dreamboys doing a charity car wash. You know there’s nothing better than being naked for CHARITY, so naturally Dan is doing that ice bucket challenge everyone on earth and neighbouring universes have been doing with bonus ass shot on Instagram. Yes, this is my one and only approved way of doing it. Wet t-shirt is just not right. On that note, can someone please call out to Phil Spencer doing the challenge his birthday suit and make me die happy? Read more