Kevin Costner

Kevin Costner is one of those guys who gets sexier and sexier as they aged. I’m melting everytime I see him on screen. These shirtless pictures of him are from the movie Bull Durham he starred opposite Susan Sarandon and Tim Robbins. I’d give the face 10 out of 10. Gorgeous!

Shirtless Kevin Costner

Shirtless Kevin Costner

Shirtless Kevin Costner

Shirtless Kevin Costner

  • maneater

    great pics. I do, however, believe that you could do better I know there is a lot more of him available without his shirt. get busy man.

  • sammy n sophie

    Ewww asif hes mingen ya mad if ya fink hes fit xx sam n soph xx

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  • friktion

    I totally agree that he gets sexier with age……Kevin baby? do me now?

  • dana

    i love kevin costner so mutch i moslim i hop to marree hime

  • kendra

    How could u not luuv him ?? i mean..hes hott and he does get sexier with age..but he was already drool worthy to begin with soooo…ya…i absolutly love him in bull durham, for love of the game, robin hood:prince of thievs, and the perfect game..i absolutly luuuvv him..

  • mckey

    Just want to lick his sweats.What a beautiful men.

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