Matt Damon

This is another actor who’s getting hotter by the day. I think he has one of the most gorgeous facial features in Hollywood, no wonder many would drool every time seeing him on the big screen. I enjoyed him as Jason Bourne but I think he’s the most adorable in The Brothers Grimm. Heath Ledger and Matt Damon made a lovely couple! These shirtless pictures of Matt Damon in a towel are from his movie The Talented Mr. Ripley along with Gwyneth Paltrow and sexy Jude Law.

Shirtless Matt Damon

Shirtless Matt Damon

Shirtless Matt Damon

  • Drew

    Da—yum!! Crazy about that man!! Can’t get enough! He needs to take his shirt (er, clothes) off more often! Brains and body, all in one vessel!

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  • alex

    wow he/u is so 🙂 hot LOL

  • :x:d:”>:x:d/>:d< @};-^:)^^:)^^:)^^:)^^:)^^:)^^:)^^:)^:>:*8->:-c^:)^^:)^^:)^^:)^^:)^^:)^^:)^^:)^^:)^ so soory to u guy so hott to matt daemon

  • Ambyyy

    i actually would screw matt damon anywhere, at any time.



  • jess

    matt damon so hot
    you can see half his ass on the last shot
    what movie is that

  • Rajesh Bajaj

    Dear matt, saw your film goodwill hunting on television, enjoy and liked it tremondously & saw your film on theater.
    wishing you a very happy new year 2009.

  • MattMatt

    Does he have armpit hair? Its my fetish and I totally luv him!!

  • Richard Choffe

    I imagine a shirtless mattadore/Scott poolside by moonlight twirling a red silk shirt around his motorcycle-helmet-bull doing a mock ballet to Liberace playing Malaguena.

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