Matthew Lillard

Three words to sum up Matthew Lillard. Cute crazy hotness. These are from the movie Summer Catch alongside his best buddy Freddie Prinze Jr. which appeared shirtless too. So they like to be shirtless together in their movies. Hmmm… Is he retiring already or something since Scooby Doo?

Shirtless Matthew Lillard

Shirtless Matthew Lillard

  • Matt

    Awww you didn’t cap any of his manhood bouncing around in his shorts in that movie. It looked pretty impressive if it was indeed all him.

  • Erin

    he’s so hot! with or with out a shirt =D

  • jack

    it’s strange… he’s not ugly in the least but i’ve never really found him particularly attractive either… and right now it seems to be the very reason why i want him to bone me… HARD

  • Sophie

    He´s soo cute I love him in Scream.. Crazy hot : )
    Crazy aand hot ;D

    /Sophie from Sweden

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  • jasmine

    Matthew Lillard is hot

  • R C

    Matthew is also “MINE” : O )~~~~~~~

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