Peter Sarsgaard in Kinsey

Shirtless Peter Sarsgaard

There’s something about this guy that is really, really, really sexy! Those lazy eyes and monotonous voice are driving me nuts! (In a good way of course) These are from the movie Kinsey where he bared it all in this particular scene and made out with Liam Neeson (unfortunately I can’t put it here). Go Peter!

Shirtless Peter Sarsgaard

Shirtless Peter Sarsgaard

Shirtless Peter Sarsgaard

Shirtless Peter Sarsgaard

  • zacarias

    u r totally RIGHT

  • sebastiane

    Peter is, without a doubt, the most attractive man to hit the screen in the past twenty years. He has a beautiful face (when shaved!), a sexy body, and the gayest and most adorable speach pattern ever. I adore Peter.

  • Roland

    Peter is without a doubt, one of the most talented and versatile actors of his age. He truly changes each performance to meet the needs of the charactor and consistently delivers an outstanding performance. I can’t wait for more from this fine actor. He seems to choose interesting roles while avoiding all the hype of more famous actors. A true gem.

  • Reeseriver

    I think he’s adorable and terrific boyfriend material. I’m not sure why he’s in the chunky list. I think I must be a chunky chaser. I’d date all the men on the chunky list.

  • AnonymousGal

    omgggg he’s soooooo fit!!! especially when he had a beard and long hair in ‘Boy’s Don’t Cry’….I fancy him more when he plays bad guys. His sexy voice and eyes are mesmorizing although I know a girl with the exact same eyes which I am not too fond of if ya know what I mean 🙂 anyway I just wish he was in more movies playing significant roles….but ‘Boy’s Don’t Cry’ is by far the best movie ive seen him in….. gotta love peter 🙂

  • SEX

    I hate him..

  • hairy man lover

    Always loved him. I find him so good looking and very sexy.

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  • Tea Biscuit

    Oh to be young again..I have all of his movies…love the man.

  • Kat

    When I first hear about the movie An Education I wanted to see it right away because of the story.
    When I found out that the guy was Peter Sarsgaard I was disappointed because, I can’t remember why, I didn’t like him. I can’t remember which movie I had seen that made me not like him.
    But I watched An Education anyway and I fell for him, he enchanted me and now I want to see more and more of him! He’s so sweet!

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