Robbie Williams

Robbie Williams Shirtless

To kick things off, here’s a nice photo of our favorite British bad boy, Robbie Williams. He just love show his skin a lot; photo shoots, concerts, music videos, etc. While Robbie here is just being his usual bad shirtless self, I find it sexy too when he’s properly clothed (I have no complaints though) like in his classy concert not too long ago, I think it was Robbie Williams Show or something.

Honestly, I do like his songs despite what everybody else says that it’s too poppish. He’s getting mature and mature by the day, let’s hope his shirtless attitude won’t change with his music. 😉

Shirtless Robbie Williams

  • Ciara2010

    Not hot!!!

  • federica

    robbie sono sempre io fedeeeeeeee! ti scrivo sempre perchè sei unico al mondo e perciò ci tengo a scriverti un bacio grande grande! ti amooooo

  • andreita

    ROBBIE eres un papi…

  • emily

    robbie is very HOT:!:!!:!!!

  • jamie

    robbie williams is the hottest man EVER!!

  • ALBERT east-timor

    robbie williams muito quente com a sua coisa.

  • Robbie.. Yo’re so cute..
    It’s very hot.. I LOVE U BIBEH..

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