Ryan Phillippe

Does this guy even aged? He looks not a day over 20! These boldly shirtless photos of Ryan Phillippe are from the movie Cruel Intentions.

Shirtless Ryan Phillippe

Shirtless Ryan Phillippe

Shirtless Ryan Phillippe

Shirtless Ryan Phillippe

  • i love ryan

    he is soooooooo hooooottt!!!!!:”>
    i want him!!!!!!!!:((

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  • wow!
    but he doesnt look like that anymore same 🙁

  • Francois

    But Cruel Intentions is from 1999, if i remember correctly ; I,ve seen him on tv, noy very long ago, and he doesn’t exactly look like that, anymore. Although, I have to say that Ryan seems like he lives in a space-time distortion or something, ‘coz he appears to age, like, a week, for every year all other people age.

    I know he does Tae Kwon Do, which certainly keeps him in shape. Still, that doesn’t explain everything… i don’t think he,s had surgery either, ‘coz he still looks like himself, really.

    I dunno ; some guys have special genes, I guess!

  • nak maen n sya xxxx.

  • wwooaww that was so awesome…….

  • tex

    ryan is of the wall hot he is up there with tom hardy

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