Tobey Maguire

From (duh!) one of my favorite movies, Spiderman 1. He got one of those dorky boyish sexiness about him. Unfortunately, he was not as generous to show more skin in Spiderman 2. Let’s hope for Spiderman 3 then!

Shirtless Tobey Maguire

Shirtless Tobey Maguire

Shirtless Tobey Maguire

Shirtless Tobey Maguire

  • tosht

    slightly scared out the fact that it looks like he whats to give himself a blow job

  • Ale

    Oh tobey don´t. I would gladly do you all night.

  • Chio

    Possibly and most likely, one of the hottest shirtless male moments in a movie!!!! I never really liked him much till i saw THIS PART!!!!! AAAAAAAAAAAA

  • Jen

    Oh man I just think that Tobey is the cuttest guy in the world (apperently I’m into redish-brown haired geeks) I love Tobey with or without a shirt!

  • max

    two words:sexy dork. lol hes a great actor too (imo)

  • tim

    that is the hottest man ever i love this shirtless studs six-pack in the shower

  • Adriana

    God this scene made me want to give him a blow job so bad!

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  • Van

    oh boy…
    i remember getting this on dvd
    and pausing it to this scene…
    to ummm… soak up his hotness… yeaaaah

  • nhetz mayer

    what s blow job?

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