Adam Levine

Adam Levine Shirtless

I love Maroon 5, me thinks the music great and dying for their next album. However, is it just me or is Adam Levine is the hottest guy you’ll ever see on stage (and everywhere, too)? I mean, shirtless Adam performing in only his underwear? You really can’t top that!

Shirtless Adam Levine

Shirtless Adam Levine

  • Victor

    I love him his body make me feel so hot and his body hair is so exciting

  • Pedro

    his face is just UGH gorgeous

  • jane

    mannn, shirts make him look scrawny & whimpy.
    when he’s shirtless, it’s like, “…DAMN, have you been working out?”

  • cadegirl

    he looked sooooooo sexy on that video for “Wake up Call”

  • Tennis lover

    his chest hair makes me hard and dripping. i want to feel his body next to mine and rub his nipples and feel him hard against me.

  • Who knows

    You people are freaks…you want to rub his mipples and feel him hard against you? You are retarded? Why dont you go get some from a person who you actually have a chance with? I bet you still live at home and are fat and ugly with no friends. sure he’s hot but good god. find another way to describe it. you know i found this site through google while looking up pics of Adam Levine for a report. my little sister looks up stuff on here what if she had found it? why dont you buy a porn and go get yourself off in private?

  • hairy man lover

    You need to get over yourself. I am quite good looking, have a lover and just have fun on here. Why are you on here anyhow looking at photos of shirtless men? Get a life and leave the rest of us alone!

  • When i was little we did not have computewrs. When I had to do a report on Adam L:evine I had to look him up in the Encyclopedia Brittanica. Come to think of it that was the pilgrims.

  • kathy

    mmm,Adam is sexy as hell. i know i dont have a chance with him,but if i did,it be a 24/7 69! LOL

  • Christopher

    Love Adam and his body!


    Adams so handsome’ i bet he’s just as handsome downunder’ hmmm.

  • who knows’ adversary

    ‘Who Knows’ is the worst kind of homophobe. Pride baby! we express what we think, when we think it! if you dont like it click the ‘back’ button and get over it. (And yes many of us are fags,,, so… whats the big deal?)

  • gays in the music industry

    What are you kidding me? He’s totally GAY! I’m a STRAIGHT woman and the thought of gay men pretending to be straight just to up their chances of success in the entertainment industry is just a disgusting concept. What about all the kids who will grow up confused as a consequence? I mean really, what about the little girls that might think this is an accessable type of man and not just a total flamer? And how about the little boys? Hello, being gay is an alternative lifestyle and not the norm. Did we forget that?

  • mary

    wow….he is hot & cool
    gosh….so blessed

  • tea

    you rooooooooooooooooooooooock
    p.s did you forgot about me so soon???????????
    write me back
    i think you are supe-up-up-r hooooooooooooooooooooottttt

  • thainara

    nossa…ADAM LEVINI vc è um gato…sorte da cameron diaz nè…eu morro de inveja dela sèrio…mas enfim… sejão felizes assim mesmo sz…

  • leah

    you are so hot like hot sause i like your band maroon 5 i know all your songs i wish i was with you

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