Justin Berfield

Justin Berfield Shirtless

So I literally watched this boy grew up in Malcolm in the Middle to a lean young man. Although I have to admit those muscles looks like they belong to a 12 year old. But I’m not complaining. These pictures are from final season of Malcolm in the Middle (where else would he be?) where the boys grew up big enough not to be so cute doing nasty things anymore. Darn it natural aging! Hope to see Justin in more movies or TV after this because those still developing muscles demand more screen time!

Shirtless Justin Berfield

Shirtless Justin Berfield

Shirtless Justin Berfield

Shirtless Justin Berfield

Shirtless Justin Berfield

Shirtless Justin Berfield

Shirtless Justin Berfield

Shirtless Justin Berfield

Shirtless Justin Berfield

Shirtless Justin Berfield

Shirtless Justin Berfield

And while I’m at it I figured I might as well throw some shirtless Christopher Masterson for fun.

Shirtless Christopher Masterson

Shirtless Christopher Masterson

Shirtless Christopher Masterson

And shirtless Frankie Muniz as well. I hope this boy never age though cause he looks a bit weird now. Again I’m not complaining.

Shirtless Frankie Muniz

Shirtless Frankie Muniz

Shirtless Frankie Muniz

  • Justin Berfield is a cutie could use a better name but still hes sexy for a total dork!

  • Milton

    While Christopher Masterson is a fine looking man, Justin Berfield has definitely grown to be a sexy young man, finally. Slim is good on some guys.

  • I don’t actually like watching “Malcolm in the Middle” but Justin is so hot you have to deal with it. He is also the best acting person on the show. He no longer acts but is developing TV shows and Movies with his J2 company that he will probably stay with instead of acting. With this Rangerkevin13@yahoo.com screen name I ran a Justin Yahoo! Group that got 26,000 members from gay guys that liked him. I used the same name when I ran his first professional site too. He has his own personal one now he has his own personal site with on one running it on the internet. It is open to the public at .
    My e-mail is still RangerKevin13@yahoo.com

  • Edie

    I am obssessed with Justin Berfield and/or his character, Reese. I think about him every day. I could just stare at him forever. I wonder what he is really like, and I wish that he was back on television. I believe that I would do anything for him that he wanted. His birthday is coming up on 2/25. It’s hard to believe that he will be 22. I thank god that I don’t have a stalking nature. I just love Jewish guys – I don’t know what it is about them, but it’s there and it’s different. I could just as easily be obssessed with Dan Futterman or Zach Braff.

  • alan hoffmann

    I think Justin Berfield is just a hot young guy that also has a lot of smarts too,he knows where its at. Only thing though, he is gay though, he has to deny it otherwise the photoguys will ruin his career and his image. Ithink he should go ahead and come out, people will stll respect him for that and besides he does have talent. And yeah, I would do antthing to make him happy; he does have a sexy body. That stuff about him having a girlfriend is just so he can have his cover. Besides, he has been seen being cuddly with another guy, and kissing him on the neck!i

  • Wow alan, I never knew Justin swings the other way around. Who would’ve thought?

  • hen

    i signed up for a personal trainer at my local gym because he looked exactly like reese wilkerson/justin berfield. is that a terrible crush, or a dangerous obsession? malcolm/frankie was pretty dam’d hot in the final season. too bad the show ended when it did. i’m sure there would have been more shirtless scenes with reese and malcolm as they score hookups.

    btw-when is fox going to release the rest of malcolm on dvd?????
    i saw season two listed on amazon last year as a pre-order, but then it was withdrawn.

  • Joe

    Justins not bad but ive always luved christopher

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  • rbk

    waw me enknknta!! reese!!! justin es el xavo mas guapo que alguien aia visyto!!

  • Jess

    The first picture of Frankie is just too adorable to resist!!!!!

  • Milton

    When Frankie was younger, I always thought that he was a little weird looking. Just saw him on an episode of “Criminal Minds”, & he’s growing into a surprisingly good looking man.
    Always thought that Christopher & Danny Masterson were sexy guys. Was always partial to Christopher.
    Justin has evolved from a cute kid, to a sexy man-child. Nice, toned body. Glad he’s legal. His character, “Reese” was my fovorite, from “Malcolm in the Middle”.

  • mastersonluver

    if u have chris masterson, please and i mean PLEASE try to find some danny masterson shirtless, they are hard to find for me

  • Sarah

    Can someone show some proof on if Justin Berfield is gay?.. it doesnt even show it anywhere

    which and can sum1 tell me which is the site that justin monitors? and where does it say that Justin has been caught kissing a guy on the neck?

    a mean where are these rumours coming from?

    sum1 plzz show me some reliable sources on where it says/shows that justin is gay

    fnx xxxx

  • Bird

    Hey Chris, whats with the Zakk Wylde beard there buddy?

  • montana

    justin berfield is sexy!!!

  • Lor

    OMG…I love him!

  • i love U!!!! i began to wach malcolm in the middle in i notice how extremely HOT! you was…xxxxxxoxxxxxx

  • Madison


  • rhythmace

    That Justin should be gay. He has a perfect body and I love the way his nipples protrude. He has a sweet set of man nipples there! Very sexy!

  • graig

    geezus dude ok already. your in love with reese and reese is justins character. we are all hot when we were 22 years old get over it. Justin is a professional and should be thought of as such.

  • Alexis

    go to wikianswers.com and type in “is justin berfield gay?” and it will tell you if he is or not i checked it out andit said…. im not gonna tell you! figure it out yourself

  • lily

    i cant believe it!! he is gay!! :/ ….n i did go to wikianswers.com and typed is is justin berfield gay? u can check for yourself

  • tom

    I’m fucking him

  • Brian Lloyd

    I am too, obsessed with Justin Berfield aswell but unfortunatly he is straight, as hard as it is to take in, its true, anyone can enter anything they wanted into wiki sites. I call my feelings for Justin love because its not lust or a crush, I cried last night (i know, pathetic) because I know I will never meet him in my whole life. To me hes my perfect man.

  • pia

    es mas riko mi justin berfiedl ufffffff me derrito x el 😀

  • Jen

    Oh the things I would do to him….

  • Bee

    For those who care, he isn’t gay…said so on twitter. This could of course be lies. What i found odd was he retracted a couple of statements saying how much he loved women etc – maybe he felt he was overdoing it? It’s also odd that there are NO pictures of him with any women OR men. I personally wouldn’t find it hard to believe he was gay but as he’s less and less in the spotlight as time goes on it looks like we’ll never know for sure.

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