Justin Timberlake

Justin Timberlake Shirtless

Okay, again you’ve probably seen these shirtless Justin Timberlake’s photos a couple of hundred times before but I’m going to put them here anyway. Since he came back with a new single Sexy Back from his upcoming album FutureSex / LoveSounds, I hope he will bring his shirtless self back too in more photo shoots like this!

Update: Since he’s currently sizzling hot right now with stunning number one singles under his belt like My Love and What Goes Around Comes Around, I figured I’ll add some more of Mr. Timberlake’s shirtless abs-tastic pictures for more drooling. Oh and do check out his video for What Goes Around Comes Around, loved that song. Like every other straight boys, Justin Timberlake wanted Scarlett Johansson in his video and he got her, and then some. Boyfriend goes around indeed LOL.

Update: Added some more shirtless tattooed Justin from Alpha Dogs. Delicious!

Shirtless Justin Timberlake

Shirtless Justin Timberlake

Shirtless Justin Timberlake

Shirtless Justin Timberlake

Shirtless Justin Timberlake

Shirtless Justin Timberlake

Shirtless Justin Timberlake

Shirtless Justin Timberlake

Shirtless Justin Timberlake

  • Dior

    Justin timberlake is sooooooooooooo hot

  • brittany jones

    I love the picture of him against the pink wall in the white pants. he is soooooo gorgeous!!!!!!!!1

  • justin timberlake is like soooooo unhot i would pay him $100 to go kill himself

  • justin is so hoot 😡

  • Justin is so hot he’s geogous and sexy 😡

  • zack

    Yumm he is delicious

  • Ciara2010

    Nikki you just want him

  • E

    He can rape me anytime he want

  • kate

    omg he’s soooo hot

  • brunnettebabe13600

    jt is so gorgeous i love all of his songs he is so freakin sexy!!!!

  • coreygene

    I never liked that “boyband” he was in. But ” DAMN GIRL” he`s f#$%in` hot

  • MMM

    I’ve always loved me some JT. There’s something about the hoodie pic that makes him look sooo fine.

  • ummmm

    i want to screw you justin

  • Nastja

    He is cool!!!!

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  • agus

    Aaa deliciousss!!

    BABA loo amoo I lovee Him!!

  • tuqba

    justının turk olmasını turkıyede olmasını cokk ısterdım:) bu arada basarıların devamını dılıorumm:) byeee

  • max

    damn,hes sexy! i wish hed take off those pants *crosses fingers*

  • Sexy

    Yeah, I’d bang him anyday.

    My Friend & I Like His Voice To. And His Dance Moves.

    I like His Voice In The Song 4 Minutes By Madonna Ft. Justin Timberlake
    And He Is Cool In That Video To That Song.


  • Yes Justin Timberlake Has A Nice Good Lookin Bod

  • Nicolette

    third picture from the bottom… just made my panties a little moist…

  • mzklein88

    I really dont want to like Justin Timberlake and for the most part I succeed
    but his body and sex appeal are pretty undeniable, plus his music is catchy and tends to get stuck in your head…kinda like a tumour

  • Zoe

    OMG its so scary how much justin timberlake looks like my brother in the last picture!!! :O xx

  • g

    kakantutin kita

  • AaronJ

    THIS is the Justin that I like A LOT!! I’m still younger than him, but he wouldn’t kick me out of bed. Probably.

  • Chunkygut26

    “I’m still younger than him, but he wouldn’t kick me out of bed. Probably.”

    Hmm.. I’d love for you to elaborate! I want to know what you mean…… I think this was Justin at his most ripped! Right when he came out as a solo artist. Before he was in NSYNC and dating Britney who was the sex symbol of pop music, so he probably put alot of time into working out to be the male sex symbol and to rival Usher’s tight bod. I kind of equaled him to a white Usher cause of the R&B music, good dancing, and hot bod. But Justin’s a million times finer than Usher.

  • kayla

    YEAH You all think he hott but would you pay 900 bucks to go see him in concert…just so you can get a good look at him….I WOULD…lol…Absolutely beautiful

  • Owen

    He *really* needs to do some very bad things to me!

  • miss billie

    you are probably the most sexiest man alive in my book. by far the most sought after man in the world by both man and woman. well this transgender biatch worship’s you lol. you need to do a playgirl spread bet it would beat out all other’s whom have come before you. keep up the good work and as a big fan i will keep buying your cd’s . tampa loves jt and look forward to when you come to florida. have a great 2009. and merry christmas.

  • sammy

    JT is sooooooooooo fit and hot and he is a great dancer

  • memyselfi

    come on justin how about putting on some weight man you look so thin and fraile man like you could blow away with the wind i like the way you crew cut your hair man that looks a whole lot better than the permanent you did to your hair back when now you can lose the whiskers off your face man makes you look older than you are shaved off you look like your baby face again

  • Erin

    Are u single I want to go out with u

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