Chris Evans

Chris Evans Shirtless

It’s never too late for a bit of Mr. Pink Nipple himself, the ever hunky Chris Evans. Sorry kids but I just HAD to put these delicious pictures up despite the possibility that some of you had seen them for like ten thousand times already. Who cares right?

For even more Mr. Pink Nips barechestedness than you can handle:

Shirtless Chris Evans

Shirtless Chris Evans

Shirtless Chris Evans

Shirtless Chris Evans


  • how can a shrimp like justin bartha have the most comments with this god right here, the things i would do to this guy, such unspeakable things……

  • Christopher

    mmm… just delectable… ooohh….

  • nicole

    i would do him to the 10th power. he is so hot!

  • Ali

    i like the third one 😀
    he can poss like that on me 😛

  • Maria

    I like his eyes…… Body… Mouth… mmm…….

    He’s sooooo HOOOOT!!!!!!!!!!!

    xx love Chris xx

  • Mark

    I don’t think it’s legal to say what I would love to do to that beatiful man!!! I think I would give my right arm to have him in front of me naked!!!!! Just juicy!

  • Ajt

    He is so cute.. Pls give him 2 me

  • shorty x

    a would any day hes hot x

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  • johny

    you are so hot

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  • chris concert

    I’d eat his dirty ass

  • ken

    you are so hoot! normally i dnt like hairy guys but if its you i wouldn’t mind at all! i love you chris! your smart, funny ,kind and most of all good looking. stay desame and hope to see lots more shirtless photos of yah! mwah!

  • Kent

    I want his tattoo , who can sent me , mail .

    Thx for help ^^

  • James

    I would kidnap him and lock him in my room in an instant. Srsly. If I had the chance I would drug him with ecstacy and make him fall in love with me and then I’d be rude to him so that he would try to make me love him back. And then he would love me. :] I’m creepy

  • Inkd4life

    3 extra special points of exquisiteness. 1- area just to the outsides of his nipples, really, begging to be licked. 2- area on either side of his navel, right above the pants line (COULD we get that lower please). 3- the sheer, unbearable bubbliness of his ass. I just want to bite it.

  • may

    diosssssssss… mio esto es lo mas bellos q han visto mis ojos…. 😀

  • I will luv 2 see him shirtless and trouserless, boy u are so hot

  • Joshua

    James (no.17) you are so right,
    whether you’re talking about Chris or Scott. I want them both. We’ll do it together… With those muscles it might take two of us to stuff him into the boot of a car.
    I’ll start working on a plan to kidnap Scott and then we can use him to like, lure Chris to us.
    Is anyone else up for it?
    Raise your hands, people.

  • Danny

    i would do anything2 marry dis hottie

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  • Mike

    Chris Evans is like the Pretty Boy version of Ben Cohen….(hhhhhot BEN)

  • Lourdes

    Oh hot DAYUM! freakin’ SEXY! I’d tap him overtime ;] He looks soo goood ASDFGHJKL; *drools*

  • Big Dave

    OK, the top picture here is quite possibly the hottest shirtless picture of any man ever taken in the history of mankind.

  • angel lee

    oh my gushh ,..

  • jame

    im so gay ..

  • babyboy

    Chris is just Too…. Hott…. for words make my mouth just water…

  • tommy5677

    These shots look pretty racy for a movie star. I love it!

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