Edward Burns

I cannot lie. Edward Burns is one handsome guy. I’m not really feeling what other people say about him being close to looking like Ben Affleck. If that’s the case, then for me Burns is a slightly improved version of Affleck (mainly because he got a sexier body). These generous pictures of Edward Burns are from time travel flick A Sound of Thunder, where the ONLY good thing was a couple of shirtless scenes of him. Even so, life is still not fair. You’ll see why in a sec…

Shirtless Edward Burns

Man, Edward Burns really looks good doing ANYTHING.

Shirtless Edward Burns

Shirtless Edward Burns

Shirtless Edward Burns

Shirtless Edward Burns

See? Even that bit of tummy is sexy as hell.

Shirtless Edward Burns

Okay I’ll tell you why life is so not fair and why this movie was a big flop…

Shirtless Edward Burns

Shirtless Edward Burns

Question of the century: How could a drop dead gorgeous guy like Edward Burns with sexy to die for body…
Shirtless Edward Burns

Shirtless Edward Burns

Shirtless Edward Burns

Got hooked to this?


Hmm… I bet he didn’t have a clue either. I blame the casting people.

Shirtless Edward Burns

Now you know. And to heal your sight from just now, here are a couple more eye candies of lickable Edward Burns.

Shirtless Edward Burns

Shirtless Edward Burns

  • angela coleman

    Edward Burns is the hottest man alive!!!!! Forget Brad Pitt, george clooney and all of them! THIS is a man, and in my next life, he’s MY MAN!

  • ricciboy

    oh my god…
    i agree with angela
    he’s just beautiful

  • psh072857

    Edward Burns…hot, hot, hot,…Again a man in classic white boxers…

  • God must be Irish.

  • :)) Good one, AJ!

  • lusty

    love this guy! he’s so handsome and so sexy! he’s way too better lookin than ben aflect! edward burns, BURNS really HOT! yummy!

  • Jackie

    OMG, he is so fine! He is breathtakingly gorgeous!!! Yummmm…:d Why isn’t he in more films?

  • Gabriel

    NICE!!! He is like one of the most handsome men EVER! X):)

  • nicole

    commenting again. id steal christy’s man. and comparing to ben affleck. affleck doesnt look better than ed burns. irish and hot u cant beat that.

  • OMG!! he’s so hot!!! perfect!

  • Colby Varner

    He’s one hot guy, yet why do I rarely see him without any clothes? Not fair!
    Everytime I see him I go “God, please let him do me!”



  • d.elisa d.

    u guys soud ike ur about to hyperventilate. hes okay.

  • d.elisa d.

    oh and i hate hairy chests.

  • he is one sexy man!! i want in that bed with him lol

  • ivana

    wow!!! what a handsome man…

  • Susan

    Eddie Burns is not only the most chiseled handsome sexiest man in the world but he also has the personality to go with it! After following his career life since 1995 I have fallen in love with his actual character, his thought process, his perspective of life, love, relationships, and the idea of success. He is NOT pompous, NOT selfish, NOT arrogant, NOR unrealistic. He loves his family, he”s a musician, articulating life as it is today in many more facets than he has even been exposed to in reality. He has a great success from not taking it all too seriously. He surely has faults but none that anyone outside of his immediate circle would know. He is truly helpful, caring, educative, respectful to his wife/family, and epitomizes the Great American Man.

    Kudos Eddie!

    Can’t wait to see Dock Walloper on the big screen with you, hopefully, filling every screen shot!

  • al

    which movie is this?

  • al, the movie capped here is “A Sound of Thunder”. This was way back when I didn’t use double quotes in my movie titles. Now I know why I should have in the first place. 😉

  • Kristi

    He is a really clean looking guy, such a really good actor.

  • Everett Carlson

    He is the man of my dreams. I have seen about 5 of his films and he just gets better and better. He is a really sexy guy!

  • Jasonchristopher76

    My god this man is hot and finally a chest shot. He’s even better shirtless than I could have hoped. he’s instantly been added to my top three hottest men alive (chris evans and hugh jackman as well)

    I especially like the 4th pic from the top. would give anything for a full scan to use as wallpaper

  • Jackjack30

    OMG the white boxer!!!!!Edward B. is hot hot hot!!!!

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  • ivan4u

    from what movies are this pics taken?

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  • Martin

    Hes HOT

  • Rapha

    OMFG he is so hot. burn my ass pleeeeease.

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