Andy Roddick

Andy Roddick Shirtless

Here’s to one of the hottest, sexiest, cutest, hunkiest tennis players in our time, the gorgeous Andy Roddick. I don’t care if his lean smooth body had uneven patch on it, they just made him more lickable! Oh just to be the racket he’s holding…

Shirtless Andy Roddick

Shirtless Andy Roddick

Shirtless Andy Roddick

Shirtless Andy Roddick

  • Daniel

    I love the strong shoulders and succulent nipples! There’s something so attractive to his immage that makes me fantasizing getting him to strip the rest!

  • Christopher

    I absolutely love everything about him. just looking at him makes me drool. I like the nipples, the strong lean body and dont forget the bit of fuzz on the chest. Wish i could be courtside for that display…

  • G. Pyle

    Seeing Andy a few years back with that smoothe tight chest…and lately sporting an awesome amount of chest hair is so cool. He has really grown up before our eyes. Thankfully he has never been shy abiout shedding his shirt. He has become a really hairy dude…the face, chest, arms and legs are all nice and hairy. I can only uimagine what his butt must look like.

  • A great player too.

  • Voice of Reason

    Gee, how utterly amazing. A guy is playing from his early days and is smooth. Then he’s in his 20s and has chest hair. How in the world is that so amazing. I think they call it puberty ot maturation.

  • Tennis lover

    love those nipples, legs and ass. he is hot. I have seen him in person and that is one hot f**cking man!

  • i love him so much… i wonder that i can sleep on hir chest oh, i just love him so much lol…

  • zuzca

    I love him……….and his game

  • hairy man lover

    Love Andy and his hairy legs, chest and those hot nipples. And he has no problem in taking off his shirt. Want him so bad.

  • hairy man lover

    love Andy and his hot hairy chest, legs and those hot nipples. And he has no problem taking off his shirt in public. Want him so bad.

  • Christopher S.

    Hi is too hot. Love those legs and his nipples look so delicious.

  • ladyleto

    andy i love youuuuuuuuuu …… 4ever the best

  • Jayme Huizar

    Hey, Andy Roddick My name is Jayme Huizar and you really look good shirtless dude. can you please send me an autographed picture of you. Thanks bye.

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  • Mason

    A hottie if ever there was one . Oh, good tennis player too!

  • lusty

    I just luv andy roddick! but I would also luv it if there’s a mardy fish! for me, mardy fish is the sexiest of them all!

  • homuncullus

    andy is hot! i luv him, but he only comes second to mardy fish! for me mardy fish is the hottest american tennis player! please do post some shirtless pictures of mardy fish!

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  • Danny

    mmmmmm his belly fuzz, i’d fuck him so hard and suck his juicy cock dry. id love him to jizz in my mouth

  • Nick

    I’d love to fuck him after he’s had a real workout, he looks even more delicious sweaty

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