James Lafferty

If I had to choose between James Lafferty and that Chad Michael Murray, I definitely go for James Lafferty. These fabulous screencaps are obviously from episodes of One Tree Hill courtesy of Jblake. Thanks mate!

Shirtless James Lafferty

Shirtless James Lafferty

Shirtless James Lafferty

Shirtless James Lafferty

Shirtless James Lafferty

Shirtless James Lafferty

Shirtless James Lafferty

Shirtless James Lafferty

Shirtless James Lafferty

Shirtless James Lafferty

Shirtless James Lafferty

Shirtless James Lafferty

  • ded


  • mrs.lafferty

    what do you mean ewwww….. gorgeous<333

  • Kesha

    I just loooooove me some James Lafferty!!!!! Any pics with his shirt off is a plus!!!!!!!!! I love ONE TREE HILL it is my favorite show!!!!

  • Jason

    God i love him ! James looks like a great guy to be with !

  • Jason

    I never said anything ! Wrong i just would just to no him ! I may be gay ! but come on , get your head out of the can !

  • max

    hes hot! id pick him over Chad too,though i do like both

  • marian

    oh james lafferty ur so hot!!! iwant 2 lick ur abs!!!!!!!!!!
    and ur so ahndsome!!!!!!!!!! if i were 2 choose? hayden christensen or u ? its better i choose u!!!!!!!!! the way u move!!!!!!!!! oh my god!!

  • neha

    omg. james lafferty is litterally THE hottest thing alive. hes soo gorgeous! bethany joy is soooo luckky, she gets to make out with him like crazyy..
    i would choose him over ANY guy, not just chad (who has big nipples anyway)
    i <3 James Lafferty.

  • sarah

    wowies. hes sooo freaking hooooooot! i just want to kiss him *sighs*
    i love that picture of him with the nanny where his hair is all ruffled.. he llookks soooo gooooddd 😉

  • yummy

    one word to describe james lafferty.
    YUMMY ;]

  • in love with james lafferty

    ew? HOW CAN YOU SAY EW?! HES ABSOLUTELY GORGEOUS!! hes sooo hot sexy and his muscles are just soo *hmmm*
    i want to eat him
    hes so gorrrrrrrrrgeous

  • dayum

    God James Is Hot. hes so sexxxy. Hes Hotter That Steven Strait And Steven Strait Is Hot. But James Is Much Hotter

  • man James is sooooo SEXI!!!
    i luv any pics with his shirt off, his body is fine!

  • neha

    james lafferty = SEX GOD

  • oh James is just getting hotter by the moment!!! I love you<3

  • Lisa

    Please people I agree James is hot- very good looking but talking dirty and slutty is just degrading to him and you!!!!

    When u talk crap like that it presumes to others that ur immature and nasty girl. Respect people and they become hotter- more to the imagination!

    James is sumthing i’d like to get to know and yes i d wanna kiss him- but gettin nasty not instantly- see what the future holds u want it to be memoriable.

    Agreed James is a Honey- something lacking in Australia xx

  • dana

    one tree hill is THE most amazing show, none of you like it more than me so stop talking. james lafferty AND lucas scott are mine.


  • Courty dawson

    OMFG he is so gorgeous im goin to california soon near by the OTH set cnt wait me ma cuz n sista love OTH but i cnt keep ma eyes off him he is so fit omfg in onli i new him xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx courtney xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx your BIGGEST fan


    this is beautiful.
    pure golden.

    he is the most beautiful creature in the entire world.
    no joke.

  • Kaneem

    i think we all agree on that…nathan scott’s so damn SEX!!!
    and lisa it ain’t dirty talk..we’re just being sincere out here..Nathan Scott just sex my world 😀

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  • Awesome

    James lafferty. Your such an amazing actor and very very very very very good looking. I’d love to meet you and chill with the cast. Omg, that is my wish. Love you james…,:*

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