Jon Foster

I have this thing for redheads. Jon Foster looks a bit like a much better version of Seth Green and this guy is just plain delicious. Too bad he got only one shirtless scene in the not so scary horror movie, Stay Alive. Looking forward to more skin revelation of Jon Foster!

Here are some skin of his brother, Ben. Personally, I’d have to lean towards Jon for the cuteness and redheadness factor.

Shirtless Jon Foster

Shirtless Jon Foster

Don’t worry boys, the burn marks are all makeup. I’m sure he’s smooth inside!

Shirtless Jon Foster

  • Amy

    where can i get these photos???

  • KarmaLysing

    Army – They’re screen caps from a perfectly awful 2006 horror film called “Stay Alive”.

  • kaz

    i love that film jon foster is sooo hot probially not aloud to say this just right click on the pic then save it and there urs!!

  • Duckhunter1

    I would hump both Ben Foster and Jon Foster! Oh woof

  • sabri

    what a body he has!!!
    he is so cute!!!
    very nice!!
    i saw the movie ”stay alive”
    it is fantastic!!
    i really enjoy it !!

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  • theduckhunter

    how is that red hair its more like auburn hair

  • cute cute cute cute cute cute cute


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  • Kimberly

    You know he has a lot of shirtless scenes in the new TV series Accidentally On Purpose on CBS. It’s worth watching

  • Laxer

    Definitely a hot actor…check out Mysteries of Pittsburgh.

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