Michael Vartan

Michael Vartan Shirtless

When I first saw Michael Vartan in Never Been Kissed, I knew almost instantly he’s the right husband for me. When I saw his ding dong in that cuckoo movie One Hour Photo, I knew that we will be married for at least 20 years. Enjoy these shirtless pictures of my man Michael Vartan from the movie Monster in Law, starring that J-Lo and that J-Fo (I can’t believe I just said that). You better run Michael! You better run good!

Shirtless Picture of Michael Vartan

Shirtless Picture of Michael Vartan

Shirtless Picture of Michael Vartan

Shirtless Picture of Michael Vartan

Shirtless Picture of Michael Vartan

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  • Chyna

    Mmm I particularly liked him in Monster In Law! 😀

  • Tanya

    He’s Hot

  • who knows’ adversary

    if you really want a peice watch some alias eps seasons 1-3 are my fav. Fell in love with him from there. the squinty furrowed brow look is what im into, combined with his pointy features – (chin and nose) he’s totallly boyish looks can make him appear in his 20’s yet his manly 5o’clock shadow in different light can make him look much older;- too good. The tans a plus too! and he can speak french fluently (I THINK?) so refined. I love it when i guy can talk a second language. Him in a penguin suit is best. when will a guy with those features come my way and not be a complete fairy fem? oh wellllll


    michael is adorable and he looks sensitive+

  • mimi

    Yummy….delicious….mamma mia!
    how could anyone resist this? I love vartan from the first day I saw him
    He is one of those angels sent from heaven
    But pliz….put away that cancer stick
    nway, since when he started smoking?

  • Samm

    OMG HE IS SOOOO CUT3!!!! I Fell In Love With Him When I Watched ever Been Kissed What Else Has He Bin In People..? X Love Him Hes Soo Hot !!

  • Me

    you can see michael vartan’s down under in the movie one hour photo

  • SEXY

    Wow… I’m really likin’ this one.

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