Oh Hai There, Eric Balfour

Eric Balfour Shirtless

I first saw Eric Balfour in “Texas Chainsaw Massacre” and I thought, what a body! That sexy Frenchy face! Will this guy ever get shirtless? Then not long after that, lo and behold; came along the independent movie “Lie With Me” which practically involved people getting laid 70% of the time. Not only Eric Balfour was shirtless like a lot, he also got really generous with the back shots and even showed his ding dong! Give me Eric and another devilishly handsome actor, Joseph Fiennes any day! Here are some shirtless pictures of Eric Balfour for your daily drooling routine. Enjoy!

Shirtless Eric Balfour

Shirtless Eric Balfour

Shirtless Eric Balfour

Shirtless Eric Balfour

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  • anthony

    i love your pics of eric balfour he is sooooo! Hot keep up the good pics

  • Chyna

    That last photo.. OMG 🙂

  • hairy man lover

    Even though I generallly like men with hairy chests, Eric is totally hot and has amazing nipples. love the shots of his hairy pits. Could lick them out for hours.

  • Thomas Galusha

    I ordered “Fly with Me ” on Netflix after your review. I FAINTED….LOL

  • sarah


  • Sonja

    This guy is amazing!
    And he has such a hot body! Ooooooo…..
    I tihink he’s a beautiful person in- and outside. 🙂

  • i adore him so much especially when i saw his Lie with me movie im his number one fan here

  • what a hunka babe

  • kate

    hey……. omg dude you’re gorgeous…. sexyyy!!!!!

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