Hayden Christensen

Hayden Christensen Shirtless

Well, due to overwhelming request from some of you, here are a couple of shirtless pictures of the Star Wars actor himself, Hayden Christensen. He’s all roughed up, dirty and ready to go. Hayden can join Jared Padalecki and open a workshop or something. May the force be with you my shirtless friend!

Update: Whoa, I didn’t expect Hayden has like, the most comments ever on this site! Just added a couple of delicious shirtless pictures of this hottie to drool for. Those nipples are to die for don’t you think?

Update: Added one more shagable picture of Hayden, waiting in all his deliciousness!

Shirtless Hayden Christensen

Shirtless Hayden Christensen

Shirtless Hayden Christensen

  • Melissa

    Could he be any sexier? I doubt it… YUMMI…

  • @};-Dear hayden christensen i thought you looked lovely in star wars espisode three but i cried at the end when you got your arms and legs cut off and you burnt and then u got turned into darth vader and that padmae was so sad and then she had twins and then your dream that u had about padmae in star wars and then you killed her why love Jodie dyer xxxxxx

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  • Mini

    What-a-sexy-man. I watched JUMPER and I have to say that I “hate”Rachel Bilson now very badly. I also watched Hayden on Jay Leno’s and Jimmy Kimmel’s and he looks SO HOT. I have to say though that he seems a little uncomfortable with these kind of talk show interviews. But a lot of the greatest ones feel exactly the same way. Anyway, I’m up to see a lot of Hayden coming next, because his eyes and lips and personality-a veeery naughty one- make me feel like having sex RIGHT AWAY. With HIM of course. YUMMI. LOVE HIM.

  • Moni

    Hayden is like a real pearl. He is not just a hot actor/man, he sweats sexiness, confidence, glamour and a little and VERY attractive arrogance. He could be a great aristocrat in a film-because the real ones don’t look good anymore-, or as people here said before, a real gigolo. He has it all. The looks, the personality, the talent, the arrogance… he is SOOO naughty and makes me feel like licking every-single-part of his gorgeous body. And GOD, those lips… the man even has perfect eyelashes… he is PERFECTION.

  • ????

    i dont think hes that guud looking

  • W.D

    He is so hott. NOBODY can compare to him.

  • pooch

    he totally should always have waxed chest


  • jonas

    i wanna see his armpit hair..LOL!! surely his armpit stinks badly!! LOL!!!

  • The only movie I’ve seen him in is Star Wars but it was… good.

    When I say good I mean /good./

    The kind of good that’s a lot better than okay.

    We’re talking /good./ here.

    One word-


    Okay, maybe more than one word, but STILL!

    The only reason I cried during Star Wars was because his /beautiful/ sixpack melted.

    What a pity…

    He was so /good/!

  • soooooooo gorgeous! i can’t even believe how pretty he is! oh, so pretty!

  • d.elisa d.

    what do you mean????????????????/ hes hot but only in certain pictures.
    Xavier, he is oh soooooooooooooooo pretty! and gorgeous.

  • Katlyn

    Hayden is so cute and handsome! I totaly almost cried in the 3rd Star Wars episode when you got your arm and legs cut off and then burned. I really cried when you were turned into Darth Vadar cause i like you a lot better when your good and not evil. It was really sad when Padme was dying and there was no reason. I mean she was perfectl healthy but had no reason to live! All cause you turned bad and thats sad. (i am not blaming you though) She gave birth, named the children Luke and Leia, told Obi-wan Kenobi that she knew you were still good deep down inside, and then died. SAD!!!

  • Audra

    Uuuummm.. I believe I had an “accident”; I don’t mean to be vulgar, but I need to change my under… forget it… LOVE HAYDEN.

  • Val

    Well unfortunately he’s gay =(

  • Hooman

    hayden you are a good actor & i would like to see you face to face .
    English movois are found in my country a little bit hard but i do my best to find them.
    good luck…

  • ali

    omg is he gay?

  • alex

    omg is he really gay?????????

  • sydney

    i hope not 😐

  • Newt

    OMG I agree with the below comment. I really HATE Racheal Bilson after seeing Jumper. (I didn’t know anyone else did that. Lol!) He makes me really horny. : ) Nice lips, eyes, body… mmmmmm, YUM! Can’t you just imagine pouring chocolate sauce ALL over him and licking it ALL off?

  • Ella

    OMG !!! Hayden IS so fit i love him in the star wars movie thats y i watched it !!! He is the most gorges man in the worl i hat it in star wars when he melts coz u dont get to see his body or face : ( xxx I WUD LUV TO SEE HIM IN A MOVIE RIGHT NOW AND HAVE IT WITH HIM HE MAKE ME


  • Michelle

    He’s attractive. I wish he’d be more animated though. He must smoke a lot of pot. I think he and Rachel make a cute pair, if true. She has a very sexy voice.

  • Doreen

    Wwwooooowwww. i thought I was the only perverted person that thought like that! but hell yes i WOULD poor chocolate sauce on him. Look at him im having a hard time not daydreaming bout all the things me and HIM could do with a couple energy Drinks in our system and a pack of magnums. mmmmmm keep up the good work honey.

  • zaga

    I love hayden christensen he is so but so sexy and his face and his body are BEAUTIFUL his eyes are wonderful.His look is so powerfull that it makes you fell WOW like you are on the 7th heaven.He is just WONDERFULLLLL!!!!!!!!!

    I LOVE HIM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! BY: ZAGA

  • Jayne

    Hayden is gorgeous. Geez he is perfection in every way. Hayden’s eyes, nose, lips, eyelashes and that body. I think he is a great actor too and he seems very sensitive. God what a man.

  • Jayne

    Hayden is gorgeous. Geez he is perfection in every way. Hayden’s eyes, nose, lips, eyelashes and that body. I think he is a great actor too and he seems very sensitive. God what a man.

  • matt

    OMG!!! I soooooo toataly hope he is gay!!!! he is one of the most sexxiest actors ive ever seenn……..damn i love them english bois!!!

  • François

    Hayden is beautiful. And he has matured, since I saw him in «Star Wars: Attack of The Clones».

    In fact, he has grown a little chest hair, around his inviting nipples and over his sternum. I like that!

  • Xhris

    I hope he’s gay ;P in a guy and I think he’s one of the sexiest guys around. Second only to fernando Torres 🙂 xx

  • nandaa

    How can someone be so handsome, manly, hunky and still beautifully sexy? Man I envy his bike, his shirt and before anything his briefs and vests for touching him and enjoying that valuable intimacy which we can just crave for from here.

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