Triple Dose of Jared Padalecki

Jared Padalecki Shirtless

Let’s start October with one of my favorite TV hunk, Jared Padalecki. If you follow Jared from his Gilmore Girls years, you knew he was really stingy with showing some skin. Milo Ventimiglia was more generous although I still prefer Jared because he is so like, boyfriend material right? As he gains popularity with “Supernatural” and a bit of toning up here and there, Jared has become a super hunk with next door boy look that will melt the hearts of 13 years old girls and gay boys everywhere.

I know I sounded a bit editorial but just look at these fabulous shirtless (sort of) pictures and compare following shirtless caps Jared Padalecki circa 2004 from the movie “New York Minute”. The pictures may take a while to load due to the size but trust me they are totally worth the wait. Drool away kids!

Due to his increasing hotness, I have created a second page for Jared, purposely to showcase his shirtless scenes in “Supernatural” as well. Enjoy!

Jared Padalecki Shirtless

Jared Padalecki Shirtless

Jared Padalecki Shirtless in New York Minute

Jared Padalecki Shirtless in New York Minute

Jared Padalecki Shirtless in Supernatural

Jared Padalecki Shirtless in Supernatural

  • There are too many dirty things I’d like to do with that man. Actually both him and Jensen.

  • Jared is married! Huhuhuhu! With his girlfriend sandra mccoy! I think shes half-filipino like me.

  • I would love Jensen…just for one night!!

  • audrey zimmerman

    hot dog he is so fine.

  • They are both hot without the shirts.
    They make me melt like butter.

  • just look at dose pics. n’ yall kno wat im talking ’bout

  • omfg he is well fit!! i wud luv 2 do so many fings 2 him god hes well georjous n jensen i wud say he is nicer dan jarad but ther still both ded fit xxx

  • audrey

    oh my goodness.
    he is sooooo fine.


  • Jared, if you’re reading this, just want you to know there is a girl all the way here in Singapore that is willing to lose 3 important things in her life just for you…her virginity, her body and her fiance!

  • sexy lady

    SO many dirty things i wanna do to that man!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Zinhle

    Damn guys its tru dey hot bt…. I hv 2 say i admire their acting and staging its truly one of stanislavski theories of acting beautiful bt jst 2 make it clear da worlds grtst playas and actors knw da bst lookin gals ar in south africa ask ludacrs cheers babes

  • Milton

    Jaw-dropping yummyness.Nice eyes,biceps to die for(recently),plus, he’s a tall, manly, 6’4″. I Think it’s sexy when a guy is taller, or in some cases, shorter than me.Can someone be too fine?…Nahhh.

  • YOOWHHOOO! Jared and Jensen! i have unexplained supernatural goings on in my bed, can you investigate-especially you jared, you can walk about in that towel or nothing-you certainly wont scare me off!
    in short, the winchester brothers are SUPERNATURALLY HAWT! (tryin’ to sound texan y’all)

  • Jodie

    OMG.. One look at the very first pic and I almost….. *blush* well.. you get the idea hehe

  • Olesia

    Hope you don’t read it:):):)

    hot…what I can say:):):)
    Maiby you play in my movie:)

  • Jared your way HOTT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i’ll lick you up and down man if you ever cum to Australia cum see me i live in Narooma ! P.S You Got a HOTT BODY YOU SEXY MAN!!!!!

  • winchestergirl1369

    well any ways i say that both of those TEXAS MEN are too hard to handle for any woman. But A TEXAS woman can handle any TEXAS man , like me for instance. But this San Antonio woman is the real deal and knowing that a hottie like Jared and Jensen. But Jared can you can make me melt ,and once I would see you (hoping to see you)I’ll do things to you that you can never,ever,ever,forget ;););)With you and your sexy self. In my words, REMEMBER JARED :):):)

  • winchestergirl1369

    I’ll Remember Jared Forever!! Knowing that this Texan is lookin’ for that good lookin and tastin Texas Style Man , Jared. Even though whenever I see his pictures, I melt for him that I haven’t melted before. But all that I could say is REMEMBER JARED,REMEMBER JARED!!!!!!

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  • oooo he is so hot ill like to have sex with him and jensen

  • max payne

    you friggin sickos if he read all the shit that u guys wrote that would scare him off for sure!!!!!!!!!!

  • Tammie

    jared you are so sexy never miss supernatural

  • kayla

    i luv ur show supernatural

  • Rocio

    I WANNA BE SANDWICH’D BETWEEN JENSEN & JARED!!!… THAT IS MY ULTIMATE FANTASY!!! OMFG!!! I WANT THEM NOW!!!… However I am more Tem Dean than Team Sam… but both is even better! LOVE SUPERNATURAL

  • Leah

    HE SO HOT….. wanna lick his body from yip to toe

  • My name is Sarah . I am 20 years old ..I love Jensen and Jared .. But I would choose Jensen he is really really handsome .. me and my friends fighting for Jensen ..

  • did you see Jensen body in my bloody valentine .WOOOOOWWWWWWW

  • dear jared padalecki,i like your movie. he play sam. you you so hottiesguy.i want you.i want to been your g/f jared.i like you i have a kid i got 3 kids my ex b/f got my mad at my little sister.her name is ameanna bates.she is to old for you she is17yours name is Michelle cato.i got long brown hair green eyes 57 tall im thin. im very sexy too.i date a you date jared.tell your bother dean he hot .i like your car.your name is you jared and dean. i have a car too my mom got a car.i want to find you so bad i was rap my by my ex b/f he is in jail.he stay in jail. too my name is michelle cato.

  • could some one please tell me if this dude is bi? he is kinda cute

  • how I would do some very illegal things to this man.
    One night, a room, some chocolate, and the two of us.

  • Monique

    Why do we women just look at a good body and be willing to drop or panties? What do we know about jared padalacki or Jensen ackles? Come on ladies stop being so shallow. Let them raise their kids, be faithful to their wives and continue making supernatural. Anyway my favorite is misha Collins. He doesn’t have to take off his shirt to be sexy!

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