Jonas Armstrong

Jonas Armstrong Shirtless

If you noticed before, I had mentioned about seeing Jonas Armstrong (Robin Hood in that BBC TV series Robin Hood – duh) shirtless in the future and what do you know, 4 episodes into the series finally we see that sexy chest of his unveiled. However I don’t know if it’s just me or is Jonas Armstrong’s chest hair pattern is a bit weird. Like, smooth around La Nipples area but hairy elsewhere? Never mind, at least he’s generous enough to provide us with some skin right?

Shirtless Jonas Armstrong

Shirtless Jonas Armstrong

Shirtless Jonas Armstrong

Shirtless Jonas Armstrong

Here is a shot at La Nipple again for your pleasure.

Shirtless Jonas Armstrong

On and by the way, that’s my husband Joe Armstrong in the background looking cute and fuzzy.Teehee.

Shirtless Jonas Armstrong

  • Jonas’sgirl

    WOW! amazingly sexy! He’s so gorgeous! I noticed the chest hair pattern but didn’t really pay attention to it…i was to captivated by his scruffy good looks.

  • hi i think you are really fit i love robin hood so much are you doing series 3 or are you leaving it now please dont leave i wont want to watch it any more your the best robin hood ever.

  • Miriam

    Jonas i absolutely love u 2 bits hun- ur GORGOUS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    I really hope you are going to do series three- i love watching you on T.V you’re an amazing actor! love you sooooooooooooooooo much!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Metcalfe

    I recently discovered this series with Season 1 on DVD – love me some Armstrong (was a man ever better named to play an archer than Armstrong?)

  • Metcalfe

    He’s just a real cutie!

  • Your so sexyyyyyy!!!!!!!! I love you so much!!!! Wye didn’t Lucy Gritthins lov him to bits??

    Love youxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxoooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo

  • Love you xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
    sexxxx me!!!!!!

  • Gabrielle.desmond

    me and my besties have the BIGGEST CRUSH on him.
    we love him so much it makes us angry to see others liking him!

  • Lisa Akker

    Yeah, I don’t get that; why didn’t Lucy Griffiths just love him to death? She must be made of stone! He’s just sooooo smexy, it outta be illegal!!!

  • Isabel Lyon

    Jonas armstrong is SO cool!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i wish i could meet him! if he goes from robin hood i will SO not watch it anymore!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Jonas’s boy


  • sexy mamma

    My, my, my…
    wish I could get that shirtless bod next to me.
    He’s got such a cool sexy charm!
    I LOVE IT!!!
    squeal giggle laugh choke die!!!
    ( lol out loud!)

  • No business looking at other men :)

    I have to say….yum! I bet he smells delicious…in my fantasies I’ve seen him wearing alot less than this!

  • ester

    hi I’m italian so i’m sorry for my english
    here this serie is just arrived and I love Jonas too
    but I’m still watching only the first serie I really hope they will do the others too I could die!!!
    unfortunately here few people watch this beautiful telefilm so I must talk about it in english on english site 🙂
    in altre parole lo adoro anche ioooooooooooooooooo 🙂

  • Chiara

    hey….i’m italian too and I’m also watching this beautiful serie here in italy…
    Jonas is so HOT…lol….That episode made me crazy….jonas’ chest was….waaaaaah…it’s not one of the best I have seen but it’s so coooool!!!!!!!:D
    I like him very much and I hope he will continue to do this serie…I love it!!!!!

  • metcalfe

    I love me some Armstrong…..mmm

  • Valeriya

    I’m Russian Well, the final episode of the second season was aired only yesterday. Yes, girls, I absolutely agree with you :))))))The guy is unbelievably HANDSOME! aND THIS AWESOME CHEST! And this sexy look!

  • ester

    chiara where are you from? waw it’s great to see that i’m not alone here in Italy!!!!!!!
    I still hope in the new serie!!!!

  • Coline

    Coucou les Anglais =) Bon voila désoler mai moi je sui une jeune francaisse ^^ & jvoulai vous dire que Jonas & Vraiment Mai Vraiment magnifique jsui love de lui 🙂

    bon a + =D

  • Cole Cola

    I’m American and no 1 knows who Jonas Armstrong even is! I saw Robin Hood for the first time about 5 months ago, completely by accident. I fell in love with it the fist time I saw it and it didn’t have n e thing to do with the show itself. I saw Jonas and I was like “Who is this gorgeous man and why haven’t I ever seen him before?” I was hooked and watched every episode since. I love him! I swear I think we’re soul mates. It’s nice to to be able to talk to people who actually know who he is! Most people are like “Jonas who?”

  • ana

    ciao a tt…belliximo il film… sopratt belliximo…….robin hood………….
    roby you are beautiful …………….

  • çokk yakışıklı yaaa helede gözleri ve bakışları çok etkileyici
    ı love you jonass and chester bennington:)))

  • hunky_dory

    Jonas is very sexy!

  • Keeley Mallison

    omg jonas Armstrong OMG your soooo god damn fit i love watching ya =)!

  • We love Jonas!!!!!!!Jonas, go to spain!!

  • Hairybear

    Hes sOOOOO sexy – LOVE the beard and sexy face

  • Richard

    Jonas Armstrong is a fine specimen of a man, and, no, that chest hair pattern is not unusual. ALL chest hair patterns are beautiful, in any event.

    A little note for our Italian friends — we appreciate your efforts to comment in English, because our Italian is exceedingly primitive, speaking at least for me. However, there is no such thing as a “serie” in English. Apparently this is actually the fault of your ancestors there on the boot, as the word in Latin was also “series,” from “serere,” meaning to join, link or bind together. I’m not a Latin expert, but I’m sure that both the singular and the plural of this word are “series.”

    Now if someone could just “join, link or bind me together” with Jonas for a couple of hours….

  • Olive

    I’m Croation, I first saw robinhood at my uncles house he has like millions of TV shows!!! I live<3 lomas Armstrong! He is soooooooooooo HOT! Not to mention SEXY!!! I cannot belive I have never heard of him! Ive never seen him on TV only on disk but that's cause I don't have cable… :'(

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