Christopher Gorham in Jake 2.0

Christopher Gorham Shirtless in Jake 2.0

Okay so if you’re a regular at this site, you’ll pretty much knew how much I love that TV show Popular. Another product from the series is the ever so eatable, lickable and munchable Christopher Gorham! Is this guy cute as a button or what? Enjoy these generous pictures of shirtless Christopher Gorham from the second episode of TV series Jake 2.0. Gorham’s latest appearance is in Ugly Betty (another show I totally LOVE) as Henry. He definitely looks drop dead cute with glasses and sleek hair. Here’s to more chest baring of Mr. Gorham in the future!

Christopher Gorham Shirtless in Jake 2.0

Christopher Gorham Shirtless in Jake 2.0

Christopher Gorham Shirtless in Jake 2.0+

  • veeveeaan

    the first time i saw gorham was because i was watching Jake 2.0 for the whole day – some channel was playing episode after episode.. i was glued to the tv lol

  • AJ2007

    If it weren’t for Jake 2 Point O, never would have known about CG. LOVE him. Never watched Ugly Betty but for him, yeah!

  • karen

    Since your a “Popular” fan and a Chris Gorham fan, like me, I just thought that I’d let you know that over at we are having a summer dvd bookclub. I am reviewing my favorite episodes of “Popular” and just thought i’d invite you and the readers to check it out and let me know what you think of my reviews and maybe leave a suggestion of your favorite episode you would like me to review.
    By the way …nice pics of CG!!! I am a very big fan of his. Loved just about everything he is in.

  • AaronJ

    Hmmm, looks like an Adorkable Chris Gorham, minus the glasses. This is Jacob Tolano (or Jacob Wood … hmmm, very interesting) on IMDB, from upcoming “Disaster Movie”. He is the supposed Bruce Banner.


  • Bruno

    He had his boobs done, right??

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  • walid

    i love your film jack2.0

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