Shane West in ER

Shane West Shirtless in ER

Shane West is the guy I want to wake up to every morning. Isn’t he adorable? Loved him in “A Walk to Remember” and always a fan ever since! These gorgeous shirtless pictures of Shane West in his underwear are from an episode of TV series “ER”, courtesy of the wonderful Brett. Thanks mate!

Shane West Shirtless in ER

Shane West Shirtless in ER

Shane West Shirtless in ER

Shane West Shirtless in ER

Shane West Shirtless in ER

  • Kristy

    Godd so effen hot!!

  • veeveeaan

    first time i laid my eyes on this gorgeous hottie was in LXG
    now i watch ER every week just to catch some eye candy : D

  • brittani


    he is so gorgeous

  • Alexus navarro

    I love shane west!!!……….. He is the most gorgeous guy i have ever see and i lovd him in a walk to remember i see it every night!!!!!!!!! I love u shane west!!!!

  • Aldo

    Jesus love you

  • max

    mmm,Shane West…*drool* lol (Homer Simpson moment)

  • elias

    god luck shane and we are with you.we love you

  • Merie

    in the movie a walk to remember you were my idol…but then again i’m a girl but if you do ever see this comment i wish i could be like you if ur the same way in the movie…the movie really inspired me and i’m pretty young for that to happen. but i just wanted to let you know that you really made a difference in my life during that movie! i hope to meet you one day! but probably won’t happen but ok bye.!

  • john brex

    such a hot man…….i hoope i could lick him from forehead to toe..
    …without missing the imporTANT PART YOU KNOW…..
    ….such a teShane Westmtation..mmmmmmm…!

  • Mark

    so cute, i’d suck him

  • Brendan

    OMG he’s so hot in Nikita.


    He’s GORGEOUS!!! Where are the pictures from Nikita?! OMFG!!!!

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