James Marsden in Black and White

James Marsden Shirtless

I have been looking all over for nice shirtless pictures of beautiful actor James Marsden for a long time. He’s a favorite in superheroes movies like playing Cyclops in “X-Men” and Richard White in “Superman Returns”. Definitely my perfect guy. Now I have found what this site exactly needs. I feel complete. Enjoy this absolutely ‘no words to describe’ shirtless photos of my favorite actor James Marsden from various photo shoots. I’m not sure if it’s recent but who cares when you got a body like that waiting to be licked all over. H.O.T. and S.I.Z.Z.L.I.N.G!

James Marsden Shirtless

James Marsden Shirtless

  • These pics are great! Do have any pics of him Nude!

  • Mariah

    He is so Hott:x:d

  • Amy

    He makes me hot thinking about him!!#:-s#:-s

  • knickers

    he is sooo FIT !!!! xx

  • Em

    HOLY MOTHER! I <3 James M. so much. perfect eyes. perfect jawline and mouth. perfect body. perfect hair.

  • Isaac Tye

    Pls send me James Marsden shirtless pic to my above Yahoo email & thanks

  • jamboray

    oh my gawd!

    he is drop dead gorgeous!grrrr

  • Dr Johnny

    he’s got a great face — classic and handsome — his body is a bit little boyish — well, you can’t have everything ! He has been working on his career moves for some time and is making the right thought out project choices — he’s a good at his acting craft, not just another pretty face — continued good luck, James (and work on those pec’s & biceps).

  • QCNiceGuy

    He is classically handsome. I could not take my eyes off of him in “Hairspray.”

  • he is soo cute!

    I just saw him in 27 Dresses yesterday and he was so good. I also loved him in Hairspray and Disturbed Behavior

  • ded

    very hot, but u guys should have seen matt dillon 25 years ago, and chester bennington aka lead singer of linkin park is sexier than james

  • d.elisa d.

    love him!!! he is perfect.

  • cadegirl

    dalynn, why the HELL do you like the same guys that i happen to love also? this guy right here looked SO good in Enchanted.

  • alaina

    ahhh! sexy, sexy, sexy!!! i love him!!!!

  • anjani

    really james marsden is cute and have finest dimples in whole world.i love him , obviously with the respect i have for him,for his best acting and sense.

  • anjani

    ok ok ok ok ok .but my feeling for can’t change he has finest dimples ,he’s cute and i have respect for him….

  • one word AMAZING!!
    do you have any of him nude?

  • livie

    Omg! hes gawjus

  • heather

    he is BEAUTIFUL. I just finished watching 27 dresses for the first time, and I fell in love with him [:<3

  • i am soooo in love on JAMES MARSDEN…
    his the most beautiful guy that i see….and his also an talented actor and i see all his movis.
    i hope that maybe some day i will meat him!!! 🙂

  • Allie

    I’d do him.

  • Lea Morales

    drop dead gorgeous!!!!! more pictures please!!!!

  • melissa chamoun

    james james james marsden is sezelin hot i lv him i lv his eyes his eyes r sezelin blue and pretty and hot his eyes r blue blue hes hottttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttt his body

  • G

    I am in love the first time i ever saw this man was tonite I have never even heard of him until tonite. what a perfect specien of what a man should look like mmmmmmmmmmm yum yum .Deeeelicious

  • oLi

    james m. is…he has the best eyes.mouth,BODY,he is a perfect actor and i really adore him…<3
    he is GOD.! xD

  • Patricia

    He is simply just sooo hot

  • Jordan

    This man is the sexiest thing ever. Seriously, you can not take your eyes off him.

  • KNP

    Too bad he’s uncircumcised and married.. otherwise hes perfect…

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