Jamie Bamber in Battlestar Galactica

Jamie Bamber Shirtless in Battlestar Galactica

Ahh, the SciFi channel… Where the hunks are deliciously gorgeous and the chicks hooking up with them are generally fug. Just look at that lucky fugly chick in one of the pictures, I was going to patch up her face but afraid I’d ruin the pristine face and body of Jamie Bamber! I am really not a fan of Battlestar Galactica but Bamber is so delicious I should watch it every week to see that gorgeous body of his!

Not to mention Bamber is quite generous in the skin department so it’s really worth watching. Enjoy these delicious pictures of shirtless Jamie Bamber from Battlestar Galactica, where he played Major / Commander / Captain (whatever) Lee ‘Apollo’ Adama. Mmmm… Bamberrific!

Jamie Bamber Shirtless in Battlestar Galactica

Jamie Bamber Shirtless in Battlestar Galactica

Jamie Bamber Shirtless in Battlestar Galactica

Jamie Bamber Shirtless in Battlestar Galactica

  • Drew

    Suddenly I like Science Fiction!

  • Francois

    I’m not gay, but I will admit I would like to run my fingers through Jaimie’s chest hair. That’s very unusual, to me…

  • Not to worry Francois, I’ve seen straight men do that all the time LOL.

  • NaTe MiLLeR

    Ha ha ha thats funny ~
    Who gonna resist him really,
    if he says that ” u wanna have a sex with me?”
    ~nobody will reject it!!
    ~even I want die after that

  • Francois

    Hey, Squarehippies! About your last post, let me just say taht it’s not because you feel attracted to one guy, just once (and someone who you will very probably never meet, anyway), that you are necessarily gay, ok ?

    Read Freud. Or the Kinsey Report.

    Don’t make assumptions too quickly.

  • Francois

    Hi, there! Well, it’s been a few months, I thought about all this, and I have come to think I would like to f— Jamie. Shake his prostate.

  • Joe

    Imagine him as your Teacher or your Next door Neighbor ’nuff said

  • hairy man lover

    I am gay and would most certainly do him in a heartbeat! Yummy!

  • Francois

    Hi ! Look, I’m sorry if I was sort of defensive, on earlier posts. It’s just, like I said, it was unusual, and a bit confronting, to me. But I think I have been evolving, and I have come to a state of mind in which I wanna say something like, hey, screw all those 20th century, pseudo-scientific labels and all that stuff ! This is a free, democratic and advanced society, so let’s have fun with our bodies, and let’s enjoy it with the persons we choose. And let’s not be afraid to try new things. Leave the labels to those who are obsessed with categories, and people from the Christian Coalition (and the like), etc !

    Meanwhile, I wanna meet Jamie, and f— him pretty good !


  • battlestar erotica?

    Isnt it interesting how long it takes a person to realise within themselves which way thier lebido leans. I say approx 5-6ish months after having first gay fantasy/contact. I say gay cause i cant talk for our lesbian friends. So Francois, grats on realising your full potential! Ive helped/coached at least 4 people i’ve met come out and im only 21, so hopefully will be able to help many more! Franc tell someone, your best friend, its easier over many drinks, or not, whatever works.

    Anyway, wanted to thank squarehippies for acknowledging my fav sub-genre; sci fi, for bringing out masters like jamie bamber and of course james mcavoy in children of dune. Im sure theres countless others but i cant think off my head. thank god for slow mo on tivo. goodbye.

  • Francois


    Actually, Joe, I would just like him like he was in his famous BSG towel scene. But I would imagine the encounter having some rumbling, maybe ; not like roughening him up too much, but his Lee Adama character seems to me like he could use a little disciplin.

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  • Francois

    Gaeta? Well, that does make sense. I mean, he really seemed to have a thing for Baltar, and never showed any kind of interest in the women of the Colonial fleet.

    Hmmm… I think it would be a good idea if Lee Adama (portrayed by Jamie) and Felix gaeta got together! I mean, Lee is now available, since Anastasia Dualla left him; and there’s always been something gayish about the way Jamie bamber plays his character, I think.

  • Gay Quizzy

    Jamie is a real hunk. I am gay and I would also love to run my fingers through his chest hair, his pubic hair, his head hair, I would love to ….. such a gorgeous man. Wow! Epitome of beauty. Unless he wants children, he shouldn’t waste himself ….. find a boyfriend and be happy.

  • Francois

    Jamie has children already: two daughters, if I’m not mistaken. His wife is actress Kelly Norton, who played a medic, in the new Battlestar Galactica. And I must say… well I don’t want to be mean but, it,s just that jamie is a such a beautiful creature, while Kelly looks fine but… I’m not sure she’s in the same league he is.

    I dunno what kind of relationship those two have; I think it would be nice if they agreed to have sort of an open relationship. Then, Jamie could experiment, you know. Discover and enjoy new things.

    Yes! Jamie could meet a big, handsome hunk and have his prostate shaken! That would be nice, I think.

  • So if I want to bookmark this blog do I have to setup a Reddit account first?

  • HazelBitten

    I’m halfway through Season 3 and it’s just making me sad. A)He’s married Dee, the Gods know why, and B) WHAT HAPPENED TO HIS GORGEOUS FITNESS?!

  • A Friend

    Please note that “Gay Quizzy” died peacefully after a heart attack earlier tonight. Please delete all comments from “her”. Thank you.

  • Josh Stone

    Sorry to hear about GQ.  Fortunately, Jamie Bamber did not have a heart  attack, so we the living can still enjoy (from a distance) the miracle of God’s creation known as Jamie Bamber’s chest.

  • Jair

    Where the second and the third pictures come from?

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