Chad Michael Murray

Chad Michael Murray Shirtless

Yayyy so everyone’s favourite TV hunk Chad Michael Murray is finally here! Moreover, he’s the 100th hottie on this website! I’m sure many of you will be delighted when you see these gorgeous shirtless pictures of Chad Michael Murray from episodes of WB CW hit TV series One Tree Hill, with only two basketballs between us and his ultimate treasure trove LOL. Now the league of One Tree Hunks is complete! Oh and did you noticed that he got one of the most perfect round nipples the world has ever seen?

Chad Michael Murray Shirtless

Chad Michael Murray Shirtless

Chad Michael Murray Shirtless

Chad Michael Murray Shirtless

Chad Michael Murray Shirtless

Forgive me but I totally LOVED these pictures of Tyler Hilton and Chad Michael Murray together. They look really cute on bed!

Chad Michael Murray and Tyler Hilton Shirtless

Chad Michael Murray and Tyler Hilton Shirtless

Chad Michael Murray and Tyler Hilton Shirtless

  • Phillip

    Wow Chad I wish that was me in bed with you hehe

  • DragQueenKiss

    So Chad looks so uncomfortable ๐Ÿ™ Depresses me when i am not beside him, but doing something else… ๐Ÿ™‚

  • not telling

    I wish it was me in bed with him, we could do each other all day long

  • benji

    so is chad gay then????

    im not too sure:S

    please someone tell me!!!!


  • Rae

    Wow you guys r both sooooo hott you know what would be better if i were there between you two and we could be haven fun all night long

  • george lebrow

    rae, those photos were taken with a hidden camera and published by a gossip magazine… they’re definitely real but it could just mean hes bisexual or maybe just experimenting.

  • Mandy Jones

    Are you people for real?? doesnt anybody watch one tree hill. That is ” Lucas and Chris Keller” from one of the scenes.. yea.. chad is gay.. because he only married sophia bush and has another girl friend right..

  • Tyler

    Hahahahahaha, the last picture………. He looks so suprised

  • me

    is that on the one tree hill or just on here sumone please help!!!!!!!!!!

  • muntasir

    i want to see chads naked picture

  • neha

    thats a dream haley .. and nathan has on one tree hill. its not real. theyre not gay.

  • davie

    i could wank over this, but i choose not to XD

  • Whats up chad your the hottest guy that walked on the planted of the earth, I know that you are getting married or already married she is lucky and I wish you both the best of luck and hang in there. If you would like to get to know me alittle bit my email is if you need a friend. Iam not like everyone else I am quit and not loud I am layed back, I like to kick it with people and listen to music. The most of all I love spending time out side, people tell me all the time that I have alot of energy and I am always smiles and I am always bubbly, the other thing was that I want to be either an actress or a model people tell me that I should do both because I can do different personalites thats why and you can tell it in my looks and how I act. Everyone needs a friend every once in a while and Iam a good listener and I am here if you would like to talk or if not than thats okay.

  • we dont want these two ballss…. ;(

  • Maca

    I reaally love his eyes….=)
    he looks so sweet….

  • Lucas

    are you people stupid.
    it’s chris keller and lucas scott on one tree hill.
    chad michael murray is not gay.
    sorry boys.

  • AaronJ

    Sorry Lucas but you may not be right. Square posted this just above that last set of pics:

    Forgive me but I totally LOVED these pictures of Tyler Hilton and Chad Michael Murray together. They look really cute on bed!

    However I agree with the ‘Chad Michael Murray is not gay’ comment. Two ACTORS in a TV show/movie in bed are that, ACTORS. Unless otherwise stated. And why is everyone (IMDB people do this ALL the time) so eager to put a label on someone who may or may not be gay. Will they date YOU or marry you if they are? No. Get over it.

  • Cute

    I wish that’s me in bed with chad..

  • Michael

    Chad michael murray is fit but sorri boyz he aint gay x x x i wish he was tho Lolz x x x x e-mail me x x x We cud have fun in da bushes lol x x x x x

  • Chris

    Damn! I really wish I were those basketballs so I can feel his “basketball”!

  • Annnaaaa

    hey what episode of one tree hill was the pic with the basketballs from? i know it was season 1 , but which episode?

  • no he isnt gay y as houl h is my boyfriend
    o my got i hate gays weeeee blleeeeee so ugly
    and he isnt gay do y understand and dont write something stupid words
    i love y chad (he is not a gay)

  • hahha pedera

  • Peyton

    OMG ! Chad Is So HOt !! Like the first time I see him in a movie I was like … OMG that boy is so fuc**** Hot ! Like I can’t believe how your’e hot ! I will loved to be your’e girlfriend but it’s impossible i’m only 13 years old LOL ๐Ÿ™‚ …
    Hummm…. Do you still in New York city ? … ’cause i’m from Canada but i’m going in Paris tomorrow but i coul’d go in New York Any time …I wish to see you face to face …. Well add me on msn please …. it’s …. And My name is Peyton …. And I don’t know why but everybody sayd that i have the same body of Peyton (Hilarie Burton) in One tree Hill ! Well … yeah it’s truth …. i’m skinny just like him …. LOL

    Anyways I have to go now !

    Peyton Wannamaker

  • harlee

    chad i was just wondering r u bi or gay

  • Hello there,
    I think you are very hot in your film cinderalla story and i watch it thinking how great it would be to able to meet you in person and party with you and have some fun

  • irene

    go chad!

  • i seen all the shows with chad and for people to just bad mouth him and say he is a gay its really bad. every fan thinks so much of his or her favourite celebrities and when they go on line and read all the crap u people write whats wrong with u people. i love chad and no matter what people say he will all be my favourite actor and he is not gay.

    • A Friend of Chad’s

      Even if he were, it wouldn’t matter two hoots in hades about his acting ability,,, I think that he is an excellent actor and a dreamboat no matter what his orientation!!!

  • angel

    OMTGGGGGGGG!!!!!!!!!I love you so much!nakkk!!!I want your hottie body!!!

  • vincent martinez

    hi! you are so hot lol !

  • Hi ๐Ÿ™‚ Chad is very,very nice ๐Ÿ™‚ MUAH :-*
    Je ลฏลพasnej ๐Ÿ™‚ !

  • bonjour!!!!!! j’adore chad. je regarde chad sur la television beaucoup!!!!!.

  • me

    i wish i was the one in bed wit chad ๐Ÿ™‚

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