Jude Law

I’m not so much into Jude Law but who could say no to gorgeous English men right? This man is with no doubt one of the most beautiful and classically gorgeous male actors in Hollywood, not to mention most talented as well. His facial features alone is extremely stunning. Enjoy these pictures from a recent photoshoot, which brings the best of Jude Law’s sexy alpha male side of him. Not so sure about the blond hair though…

Jude Law Shirtless

Jude Law Shirtless

Jude Law Shirtless

  • veeveeaan

    i never really found him hot.
    but he does have really nice eyes
    and the accent xD hahah

  • Ed Stoneback

    I have always been crazy about the Jude !!!From his great talent to his oh so sexy hairy body and wonderful eyes yum what a great english hunkie actor.

  • Rob

    Any caps from “Closer”? Damn close to the full monty in that one!

  • hairy man lover

    Love Jude. Hot, talented and blond furry chest. He can come to my house anytime.

  • C.M-H.L

    All I can say is GGGRRrr… :DD

  • vien

    What a hairy legs! That’S HOT!!!

  • doNotshaveUrBody

    Noice hairy legz…..grrrrrrr!!!!!

  • Wayne

    I LOVE his hairy legs!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • robertg

    he’s even more nuderer in “Wilde”, bio-pic, Oscar Wilde– Stephen Fry magnificent in title role. Jude plays his young lover. A hotel bedroom scene features Mr. Law’s very nice bare ass, and a brief glimpse of pubic splendor.

    If you don’t know Oscar Wilde, you should. Gay Irish/Anglo writer, playwright, actor. Made some of the funniest remarks re: life in general, that are still in use today. Sent to prison because of his homosexuality–brutal hard labor. The movie shows it all.

    Rejoice. Not any more.

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