Taylor Handley

Along with Matthew Bomer in Texas Chainsaw, Taylor Handley also contributed a lot of deliciousness factor to this gory flick. What’s more, I bet he had a hard-on with that licking scene about 20 minutes into the movie with Diora Baird, who is about a year older than him. Boys will be boys. Gotta love those curly golden locks and those itsy bitsy chest hair! Hope you guys enjoy these lickable shirtless pictures of Taylor Handley tied to the bed post (I think he should be gagged also LOL).

Taylor Handley Shirtless

Taylor Handley Shirtless

Taylor Handley Shirtless

Taylor Handley Shirtless

Taylor Handley Shirtless

Taylor Handley Shirtless

Taylor Handley Shirtless

I thought Taylor Handley looks so cute and cuddly here, well besides Matthew Bomer’s mesmerizing blue eyes.

Taylor Handley and Matthew Bomer

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  • Dewey Mee

    God, that last pic. of Taylor Handley with his eyes closed– and his shirt half GONE so — his perfect navel is exposed in the company of another man– you can’t IMAGINE what that DOES TO ME!!!!!
    BEYOND SEXY!!!!!!

  • Dewey Mee

    I LOVE THIS SITE!!!! Could you please try to include more pics. where the male navel is exposed– as Taylor Handley’s is in the last photo with that other guy (hanging from TCM). I love it when a man shows his navel to another man. Could you please send the last pic. as an e-mail attachment so I can use it as a desktop picture?????

    Thanks: Dewey luckydew@fairpoint.net

  • Wow Dewey, you have an interesting turn on.

  • jd

    i can’t believe taylor handley’s hotness was not exploited during the first season of ‘the o.c.’!

  • Hi There taylor Handlet
    Your are very …Well you no you must Hear that every day sorry but im not perfect in english so thats why theres mestakes in the sentences..
    Well your likke very Cute !!!!!!

    WEll Have a good afternoon And I hop your goiing to reply to us !
    Naomi And Karelle

  • janelle f

    i love taylor handley!

  • nikki

    hey your so effin cute (loved the movie chain saw massacre) 🙂


  • cristina

    taylor e muito lindo!!!!!!!!!!

  • Milton

    Taylor is certainly the exception to my attraction to blondes rule;never had good luck with the ones I got invovled with.
    Would definately get involved with Taylor. Love those full lips.

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