Italian Footballers

Italian Footballers

I bet half of you have seen these pictures before but I felt that it’s kinda sinful not to feature them here. Mmm… It’s them underweare wearing sexy shirtless Italian footballers. You can’t have it better than that! Well except maybe more if they took those off, but that’s a different story. Among these handsome Italian studs; Manuele Blasi, Fabio Cannavaro, Gennaro Gattuso, Andrea Pirlo and Gianluca Zambrotta, I’ll take Gennaro Gattuso to go please. You guys can scavenge the rest. Oops I think I just messed my pants. Crap.

Fabio Cannavaro and Shirtless Italian Footballers

Gennaro Gattuso and Shirtless Italian Footballers

Andrea Pirlo and Shirtless Italian Footballers

Gianluca Zambrotta and Shirtless Italian Footballers

Manuele Blasi and Shirtless Italian Footballers

Since Gennaro Gattusso is so adorable, I’ll put one more delicious shirtless picture of him. Awww…

Gennaro Gattuso Shirtless

  • Daniel

    Oh boy!!! I wanna be part of the team please!!! These guys are delicious! I love the energy connected to their appearance!! When, when, when???!!!

  • Perfection.

  • tina

    i love the pics please can i have some sent to my mobile 07759104121 that is what i call bodies to die for

  • Bianca

    Ich finde Andrea Pirlo so ganz einfach toll!

  • hairy man lover

    While I usually love hairy men, these guys are perfection. I would love to be in the showers with them! HOT! Thanks.

  • Ali

    i love gennaro gattuso.

  • mama mia

    Mama Mia……..Ti Amo cannavaro. I’m gonna use all italian words I know.
    Ok that’s about it. Fabio Cannavaro is my favorite. I’ve been watching Italian football only because of him an i don’t even like football. He is so hot it makes me wanna cry. His wife is not that hot though. She’s the italian mamma type. I think he deserves me. Still I envy her, imagine having that guy in your bed everynight. Oh my my my. I would love me some italian stallion or italian sausage. Am i dirty or what. Oh Fabio i want u.

  • jasmin and jess

    Damn Italian Footballers are hot dang !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • kate

    i may just move to italy now, how hot is guttuso!! way hotter than pretty boys like beckham

  • kate

    how hot is guttuso much better than pretty boys like david beckham i would have a real manlike guttuso any day

  • mama mia

    I saw another picture of delicious Fabio and it seems he has blue eyes.
    Yes ladies heavenly blue eyes. Oh my god how hot can a guy be. I used to think Jared padalecki was the hottest man on earth. Fabio makes me say……Jared….who…. Anyway I have just fallen in love.

  • Julia

    Oh my god))))))))) Gattuzo))))))))))))

  • Klaudyna


  • simone

    WOW cannavaro is the hottest one but amn they ol a nice beautifull body
    OMG I wanna be whit them everyday of my live

  • j2

    i love gennaro gattuso…
    he is very sexy

  • Ali

    i love gennaro
    je is very sexy….

  • Ali

    pleas new pic

  • cannavarina_5

    oddio s

  • ali

    please put new pictures from gattuzo


    FORZA ”ITALIA” i LOVE YOU 4 ever


    FABIO CANNAVARO the super star

  • Pirlo was sleep with me, he… he…

  • rajesh bajaj

    guys go easy on these guys they are just guys like you.

  • lewlew
  • mckey

    They are the perfect example of footballers/menwhores.

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