Justin Bartha in Failure to Launch

Justin Bartha in Failure to Launch

Saying Justin Bartha is cute is an understatement. He used to share a page with Matthew McConaughey but I thought after a while, he’s too hot not to have his own page! I first saw Justin in that crappy movie “Gigli” with Ben Affleck a while ago but back then did not really notice his absolute hotness due to the (very) bad hair. He’s still cute though. Come “National Treasure” and “Failure to Launch”, that’s when I fell in love with Justin Bartha! Unfortunately I haven’t got the chance to see him in “Teachers”. Was he ever been shirtless in there?

Oh well, let’s hope he’ll be generous enough to show some skin in the future. Here are some peek-a-boo shirtless pictures of Justin Bartha from romantic comedy “Failure to Launch”, not really a skinfest but I guess these will do for now until we see the real good stuff!

Justin Bartha Shirtless

Justin Bartha Shirtless

  • justin bartha is the cutest guy on the face of the earth i wish i could marry him.

  • brad pitt is so dumb i wish he would drive himself off a cliff

  • What’s this has to do with my current boyfriend, eh? 😉

  • Lauren

    I am way overly obsessed with the actor Josh Hutcherson (Bridge to Teribithia) and I think Justin is so hotter! Oh my freakin god did i just say that? I think i did. Justin is the sexiest beast in this whole effin world!!!!!

  • Atrau

    He’s cute! Though Ryan Reynolds is still hotter!

  • OMG Justin Bartha has the sexiest eyes on earth!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • I love Justin Bartha with has big blue eyes. He looks so sexy!!!! I would not cange a thing about him. I LOVE YOU JUSTIN BARTHA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • luvguyz08

    very cute guy!

  • th00ht

    yes I loved him in national treasure. but are these other pictures really him?

  • Yes th00ht, these are all him (my boyfriend).

  • Jake

    OMG I just went and watched failure to launch and al I got waz a little flash I MEAN COME ON I mean dnt get me rong it waz the hottest .3 secounds of my life but I mean come on I wanted to see him for ever god yummy yummy eye candy

  • I couldn’t agree more, Jake. Bartha should take it ALL off for us!!

  • Jake

    OMG I can’t take my eyes off this website yummmmmm I saw like national treasure 2 like twice in the past day just to see him over and over again on the big screen yummm his eyes are like amazing my eyes are just drawn to his…I’ve never been so obsessed with a celeb before and like this happened sooo fast like ya I thought he waz cute when I first saw him in NT 1 but in NT 2 I like freeked yummm OMG HE IS JUST SOOOO YUMMMYYYYY YUM YUM and I cnt wait tell shoe on ur foot comes out I’ll see soo many time AH amazing boy

  • Jake

    OMG I waz going threw like every picture of the sexyness that is justin and OMG he looks so sexy as a nerd and I saw a whole bunch of pictures of him in teachers AHHH sooo hot

  • jake i couldn’t agree with you any more he is so sexy in NT1 amd in NT2 i can’t stand it (%)

  • isn’t he cute? nooo, he is so HOT

  • Jake

    ya hotest boy alive

  • Jake

    omg nooooo zac has got 20 comments and justin only has 18 well now 19 🙁

  • JUSTIN BARTHA is way hoter then zak or however you spell his name/:)

  • Jake

    omg I waz watching failure to launch and justin had brown eyes … wtf in nt1 n 2 he haz amazing blue eyes which does he have

  • I think it’s just the lighting and the film colors. Failure to Launch had these yellowish tint look to it so we can’t really see Justin Bartha’s (my last boyfriend) real eye color. :d

  • Jake

    ya he’s ok but justin makes me melt…yummm

  • uh jake are you a guy or a girl because with the name jake its kinda hard to tell

  • nikki

    i cant believe that zac has more comments then justin i mean justin is way hotter then zac

  • dont get me rong i love justin but zac efron is just as sexy.

  • Jake

    ah jake is a dude name im a guy and ya im gay and justin is hit and I luv him so if ur gonna make fun of me ill pimp skap u


  • jake i didnt mean it mike that im sorry

  • Justin is so funny in his own way. That’s one reason way he’s so sexy.

  • i cant get over how hott justin is. his eyes are my fav thing about him. hes a brown haired, blue eyed god!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • i love you justin and i wish my friend could say the same thing

  • Jake

    omg his eyes are amazing!!! itz iight nikki. logan r u hott cuz u sound hot and if u look any thing like justin uh u r sexy and id fully blow u

  • Jake

    omg u can totally tell justin has a huge package look at the pic of him in his sexy lil boxers umm the croch is like streched out yummmm

  • i seen NT2 for the socond time and i just get over justin sexyness

  • love you justin youer the best:x

  • logan you sound crazy if you like zac as much as JUSTIN BARTHA

  • im your #1 fan justin.im the one who loves you the most. :x:x:x:x:x:x:x:x:x:x

  • jake how old are you anyway id like to know

  • Jake

    old enough if u know what I mean

  • but i want to know jake

  • Jake

    why’s it so important

  • omg justin i like totally love you

  • idont know you just sound so perfect

  • Jake

    awwww thnx well im youngish dnt worry im a teen caughcaughy15caughcaugh u?

  • Jake

    awwww thnx well im youngish dnt worry im a teen caughcaughy15caughcaugh u? cuz u seam hot!qq

  • Jake

    srry for posting tht twice kinda lol my internet freaked

  • im 16

  • its ok

  • what state you live in

  • love you justin

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