Justin Bartha in Failure to Launch

Justin Bartha in Failure to Launch

Saying Justin Bartha is cute is an understatement. He used to share a page with Matthew McConaughey but I thought after a while, he’s too hot not to have his own page! I first saw Justin in that crappy movie “Gigli” with Ben Affleck a while ago but back then did not really notice his absolute hotness due to the (very) bad hair. He’s still cute though. Come “National Treasure” and “Failure to Launch”, that’s when I fell in love with Justin Bartha! Unfortunately I haven’t got the chance to see him in “Teachers”. Was he ever been shirtless in there?

Oh well, let’s hope he’ll be generous enough to show some skin in the future. Here are some peek-a-boo shirtless pictures of Justin Bartha from romantic comedy “Failure to Launch”, not really a skinfest but I guess these will do for now until we see the real good stuff!

Justin Bartha Shirtless

Justin Bartha Shirtless

  • Jake


  • i live in ohio

  • sorry hat was my lil sis nikki she always bugs me

  • Jake

    cuz my heart is in ohioooooo so cut my wrists and black my eyes so I won’t fall asleep tonite and die….lol I love tht song…so r u hot

  • i think so

  • what do you look like you sound soooo hot

  • Jake

    well my hair is a lot like justins and its blondeish and I have big hazel eyes im 6 feet tall and am in shape

  • Jake

    what about u

  • brown hair and brown eyes im in good shape and about 6feet tall

  • do you have any brothers or sisters

  • Jake

    omg u sound so so so so soooooooo sexxy omg…ya a older sis gag…u should send me a pic er something cuz u sound so hottt!!!!!

  • whats it like their

  • jake you sound sooo sooo sooooooo hot send me some pc of you

  • jake send me pics of you

  • Jake

    I can’t im grounded from the comp so im on my phone the only way to send u a pic is in a text

  • Jonsieboy

    *looks up*
    ooer, looks like a bit of romance on squarehippies

  • hi jake from logan

  • ha jake are you going out with any one

  • Jake


  • ok good because i like

  • KarmaLysing

    1) Hey, children – and I mean that in the “infantile moron” sense of the word “children” – this isn’t a chat room.

    2) Justin has amazing eyes, a lot of charisma, and a much better body than is depicted in the “semi-shirtless” pics. He’s just dang near adorable, really.

  • karmalysing i like jake so shut the hell up

  • so is it like we’re computer dating

  • Jake

    totally…if u have a celly u should txt me some time 16083027761

  • I had a cell but my dogs ate it.

  • dont worry im getting a new cell like next week

  • Jake

    fun do u have msn

  • whats msn

  • Jake

    its an instant mesanger

  • on computer or cell

  • Jake

    computer but my parentz bought me msn mobill for my phone but I cn still talk to people tht have regular msn on their computer

  • i’ll miss ya jake ttyl

  • Jake

    k ill miss u too

  • jake your so sweet

  • its ok i still like you

  • is all that other stuff true

  • Jake

    what a relive…what other stuff

  • You know, somehow I’m glad that Justin Bartha is the new most commented hottie, while Hayden Christensen, being the previous title holder with over 500+ comments, now he has no comments at all. ;))

  • that you live in wisconsin and every thing eis you told me

  • Jake

    ya i swear

  • i have to tell you something to im just a 12 year old girl and my name is nikki
    i understand if you dump me but you just sounded soosooo sooooo hot and be sides you never asked me if i was girl

  • Jake

    OMG I CANT BELEVE THIS!!!!!! im gay ok tht means im not atrackted to girls!!!!!!!!!!!i thought u were a hot boy and i waz freaking out cuz i had a bf

  • well you was the fist guy that ever and i mean ever liked me its just who i am and i couldnt help it you just sounded like a nice guy so are we cool or not

  • Jake

    not even close u made me think u were a hot boy and jad the biggest crush on u i was daydreaming about what u might have looked like and i got a boner so we will never be col

  • i understand and i am realy realy realy am sorry ill miss talking to you on the computer :-<:-<:-<:-<:-<:-<:-<:-<:-<:-<:-<:-<

  • fine and to think i told all my friends about you and they all made fun of me for dong it but i wanted to because i liked you so whatever just if you still want to write go ahead

  • im not letting go of you idont care if you dont like im still going to write to you

  • Jake & Logan, could you guys please take all this to somewhere else. This space is reserved for Justin Bartha’s comments. I’m sure you’ve heard about a thing called email.

  • justin i still love you :x:x:x:x:x

  • this is nikki’s friend and she is very sorry. For as long as she has been talking to you jake she keeped all her friends informed so just talk to her before i go crazy.

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