Leonardo DiCaprio in The Departed

Leonardo DiCaprio Shirtless in The Departed

I know for a fact that some of you will literally scream “About time!” or “Finally!” or “Our prayers has been answered!” or “I just wet myself!” when you see this post of our beloved Titanic hero (there I said it shamelessly), Leonardo DiCaprio. I feel you too. Yeap, he’s definitely here alright, although these are probably not the greatest pictures in the world, I think they will be sufficient for now because I think I can get better caps from another shirtless movie of Leo, “Blood Diamond” later. Just wait for it!

For now, cure your DiCaprio fix with these toned up shirtless pictures of him working out and making love to not so pretty chick from 2006 movie, “The Departed” with other two of my favorite guys, Matt Damon and Mark Wahlberg. Let those drool comments begins, I know you want to. 😉 Will Leonardo DiCaprio overtake our reigning commented king Hayden Christensen? We’ll see about that!

Leonardo DiCaprio Shirtless in The Departed

Leonardo DiCaprio Shirtless in The Departed

Leonardo DiCaprio Shirtless in The Departed

Leonardo DiCaprio Shirtless in The Departed

  • love em! 😡

  • Chelsey

    omg is he is hott. i love him

  • sara

    he is so great !!!
    i just simply loved him in titanic and all of his other movies !!! so unbeliveable completly sexy

  • Stacy

    ohh my God!!!
    really hot can’t belive how sexy a person can be!!%%¤# ”
    I love love love love LOVE him !!!!!!!!
    and you are right Sara he is so unbeliveably completly sexy

  • shan

    OMG ! hes eff’n hot ! 😛
    i love him… soo effin hot :D:D

  • sovy

    omg he is really hooootttttt abd sexy man . I want to be your wife

  • ana

    i wanna married him. i love him since i was a little girl. hot hot the hottest

  • Mdriana

    I just posted a comment calling Hayden Christensen THE man. Well, and I don’t mean to be disloyal-but VEEERY naughty-, but I also happen to LOOOVE DiCaprio. So, what about a threesome? TRUST ME, I WOULD’NT mind at all. I LOOOOVE them both. But I have to say that Leo is more like a powerful big shot, unlike most guys in this website, and Hayden is doing an excelent job getting there. So, both at the same time? YEEEEES…

  • Hbrew

    Not only is he an incredibly great actor, unbelievably sexy, and down to earth, he is environmentally friendly which I find AMAZINGLY sexy!!!!! He is just the all around perfect person!!

  • wecca

    He was sooooooooooooooooo hot in Titanic, I don’t like him now though. Lose the beard Leo. Gosh. And grow your hair. I still love you though

  • I love him, those lips are sexy and his body y amazing.
    I am in love him he is best actor and the most handsome,
    I love him, and those eyes are beautiful, I love you leo.

  • virginia

    amoo a leonardo dicapriooo

  • your sooo handsome leo!i love you very much!!!mwuuah, mwuuah, mwuaah!

  • mmm…are very handsome!!!
    you fans roselyn solórzano for alwaysss

  • I love this guy! Te Amo My Leooooooooo!! lo adoro desde que tengo uso de razon…. he’s been my first crush . He is still in my crush’s list

  • to sexi for my love Leonardo DiCaprio .

  • Passion

    I used to fink he was buff in Titanic n Catch Me If You Can…
    Not nemore tho! Euwwww!

  • Bek

    He is mega buff!!! 😀 😛

  • Daisy (in luv wiv Leo)


  • ohhh! hes so hot and sexy especially shirtless! And his eyes!

  • omg leonardo you are so damn hott I love you ugh I wish you would kiss me like those girls in the movies ugh I love you!!!

  • alaina

    omg!! soo hot! i wanna e in the postion of the girl on the bed. lol

  • he is very sexy, and people saying he is fat is just so not true, he is not fat in that movie, he just looks very like a man, love you leo, you are sooo HOT!!!

  • he was so good in titanic

  • hiiiiiiiiii,
    leonardo di caprio,,, I LOVE YOU VERY MUCH,,,,,,,,,,,,,
    i always watch your movie, because you very handsome, very cute, very sweet,very cool,
    I like you
    I love you
    I miss you
    you are my super hero

  • omg Leo was sooo gorgeous in titanic but now i mean come on he has a beard n a really bad hair cut. I used to be obssesd with him and love him to bits but he has changed so much now. Come on Leo pull yourself together for your fans sake!

  • Lili

    Leo was fine and still is fine………………the only difference is that now he looks like a men! A very attractive men!!!!!!
    When he came out in Titanic he was in his early tewnties,
    Now he is in his hot 30’s and looks damm good!!!

    He has also been my crush and he actually looks very much like this guy from my town that I used to date…………….but of course like many hotties, they have the fine face, but most are bad boys!

    Not Leo ……………………..he is my perfect dream guy…………….or at least that’s what he appears to me!
    I actually told the guy that I was going out with, that he looked soooooooooo much like LEO, the only difference is that my ex has a drug addiction or else I would still be with my look alike LEO!!!!
    I would of been very satisfied and full of baby leonarditos/ leonarditas!
    Oh well, too bad for me!

  • SOVY


  • Rachel

    Wow! Sexy!!!!

  • eres el mejor que he visto en toda mi vida , eres super wapo tienes todas las cualidades,me gustas mucho

  • eres el mejor que he visto en toda mi vida , eres super guapo tienes todas las cualidades,me gustas mucho

  • you`r very sexy !!!!.nobody compares to you.

  • the best actor leonardo dicaprio ? tung ju pershendet misini nga kosova ?

  • .hey leo!.
    .ur soo hot.. like they said nothin compares to u..
    .but when i see u.. my heart beats fast..
    .i liked u vry much in the movie titanic..
    .thats when i start likin u.. heheh..

  • .xtil me.. but lose the beard..
    .heheh.. i hope u can get back to the hot jack dawson..

  • .ur so very hot..
    .i love all ur movies..
    .especially titanic and romeo+juliet..
    .i love thee.. this is from PAOLA also..
    .as romeo said..
    GIVE ME MY SIN AGAIN.. wahaha..
    .u kiss by the book..

  • v

    i love him SO much that its rather ridiculous!.

  • i’d band him

  • Hi leo I am in the glouester county area In south jersey, I am gay 41 black single. I always had a crush on you just had to day dream. But i am single ,no girl ,no kid , druge free dieas free, and non smoker. I don;t have a lot down there like 5 long 1/4 round . but if you need some one to talk to 856 264 1070.

  • wht ur answer about gay people?

  • Audra

    This-is-a-real-man. Beautiful, talented, intelligent, VERY successful, VERY wealthy…. Do I have to continue??? He IS perfection……PER-FEC-TION.

  • Leo

    So sexyy…
    No doubt, the yummiest man alive

  • emily nugent

    i love him he so cute !!!!!!!!!!!

    leonardo is sxc !!!!!!!!!!! 🙂

    nd im only 10 yrs old i watched titanic n all his films i love u leonardo
    and yet again ur sooooooooooooooo sxc !!!!!!!!!!!

  • sabrina di caprio

    i love him everyone thinks that i am realeted to u but i am not thats cool i wish i was realated to u

    bye sabrina di caprio

  • Boz

    Holy God, thank you… I’ve been waiting for ages for Leo to do this. Haha.. I’m serious.

  • Tanya

    I never liked him at all.

  • Mary

    OMG! Leonardo is the most hott guy alive! I am soo jealous of all the women that have kissed him! I just saw Titanic for the first time and now I can’t stop watching it! He’s sooo hott! PERFECTION!!!!!!!!!

  • where are his “american apparal” love handles?

  • sco

    I love his muscle

  • Natalie

    Where’s Mark?! Mark Wahlberg is a gorgeous piece of tushi!

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