McFly Shirtless

Okay I really need to switch on my raging teenage schoolgirl mode for these shirtless pictures of McFly boys from Attitude magazine and performance at G.A.Y. Now excuse me for a second.

OMG. OMG. It’s the boys of McFly! OMG. Like, Dougie Poynter is like super duper cute and the hair is just to die for! I could like, die! I was like, Harry Judd is so amazingly handsome and cheeky, he looks a lot like my English class crush and like I had a dream about him last night! Shut up! OMG. I think I just fainted a second ago. Like, they really like to take their shirts and pants off and like, I could hardly breathe looking at these fabulous pictures! OMG. Like, British boys are so cheeky and naughty and sexy and I was like totally in love with Dougie and Harry you girls have no idea.

On the other note, Danny’s new hairdo is like so fly and Tom seems to look much hotter with some of the weight off him. Enjoy!

McFly Shirtless

McFly Shirtless

Dougie Poynter Shirtless

Dougie Poynter Shirtless

Dougie Poynter Shirtless

Dougie Poynter Shirtless

I literally melted when I saw this picture of Harry…

Harry Judd

McFly Shirtless

McFly Shirtless

McFly Shirtless

McFly Shirtless

McFly Shirtless

  • Holly

    :d DELICIOUS 😡

  • Milton

    😡 There’s a time & a place for twinks, & with these guys it’s anytime, & any place.Go to www,,a picture gallery heaven for twink lovers. There you’ll find more shirtless pictures of McFly, plus my favorite;a group picture, with Harry Judd sitting on Tom Felton’s knee. It’s a small picture(that you can enlarge), that’s near the bottom of page 9 on their picture gallery, there. I also love Dougie’s hairy legs!

  • Twinkstar88

    What about the click 5 kyle patrick? He is just so hot than any of the mcfly! I luv kyle! He sounds so good as he looks, i wish he has a shirtless photo.

  • mikewankerboi

    Dougie is soo hot! Wot a lad!!!!!!! Phoar!!!

  • laura

    Hello Tom. you are so hooooootttttttt!!!!!!!!! I LOVE YOU!!!

  • OMGD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!TOTALY TEMTING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

  • Chyna

    Mmm Harry and Dougie! 🙂

  • Eva Kristina


    Dougie, Dougie, Dougie, Dougie, Dougie, Dougie, Dougie, Dougie, Dougie, Dougie, Dougie, Dougie, Dougie, Dougie…I LOVE YOU so much <3

  • i luv dougie 4 eva!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    i luv Dougie so much + he is so hot! but my sec hot man in mcfly is danny he’s so funny!!

  • andreu


  • juuuu

    bb3 :9

  • Hi danny i lurve you sooo much but i have got a boyfriend cauld tim i wish i could go out with you but you are to old for me but i do nt care. you are 5yrs older than me cos i am 17 and you are 22 the age diffrance dose ‘nt bother me.boy are u sooo god dam fit.i have got this school photo of u and i kiss it every night when i go to bed.i eat sleep talk and dream about u all the time love you allways frm sxc leanna o’brien age 17 .ps i am 18 next yr can you please wish me a happy on the 9th of february 09. MCFLY ROCK OUR WORLD 4EVA N EVA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! WE LOVE MCFLY SPESH DANNY N DOUG

  • sophie

    tom is the best!!! <3<3<3<3<3
    mcfly fu evaar!!

  • hayley pettit

    i soooooooooooooooooooooooo love mcfly i hope that they stay a band 4 ever plus i love the pictures of shirtless dougie

  • Cass

    I love McFly!

    They are perfectly wonderful! <3

  • ILY Dougie ; ]]

  • Ange

    hum …. Il sont ro canon …

  • Rachel


  • nichelle,aruba

    i love you guys ..and i love your music and everything!! keep it up mcfly!! and dougie and danny your the best of them all. no offence for tom and harry but your still really great i love you danny and dougie i wish i could meet you

  • nichelle,aruba

    and dougie and danny you guys are soo hot i love you soo much!!! you 2 are the only one!!and i wish you’ll stay 4 ever in mcfly and make more songs so i can hear !!and think about you guys!!

  • kare

    omg u guys r soooooo hot ….and i love ur music……. I HEART u guys <3

  • lemon pie smile

    omg! never seen so many shirtless pix of them b4! they r so bloody hot!!!! AHH!!!! love their music been listening to them since i was 9(: the album room on the 3rd floor, obviously….. love them. McFly y’all rock!!!! keep on rocking!!!! love ya…
    p.s.: dougie is so freaking hot!

  • ***Mary***

    mcfly is the best and harry,i love you…

  • jiji

    His nipples and armpits are sooooooooo cute

  • jasmine…!x!

    OhMiGwsh!!!!!! !




  • sanna

    Hi guys i LOVE you so much i love Danny jones the most and i just love your laugh 😉 me and two off my friends have added you on myspace and i hope that you`re gonna accepted it
    I LOOOOOOOOOOOOVE YOU McFly!!!!!!!!!!<3333333333

  • Camilla and Jessica

    We just love McFly!!! They´re the greatest band we´ve ever heard! Their songs are the best ever!! We´re waiting so much for theirs album to realise in Sweden. We´ve just buy 2 of their albums and the greatest hitz dvd. We love them so much and hope they´ll come to Sweden some day!

  • eliza

    eles são linnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnndosssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssss

  • Bibous

    o dougie é o meu bbzão lindo e gostoso ;DD
    faria tudo pra ter a bunda do tom, do danny, harry e dougie
    de preferencia a do tom (:

  • giih

    Danny Jones tãão hot ;DD
    ele ainda vai se apaixonar perdidamente por mim o/

    Tom, Harry, Dougie e Danny aaain 😉

    Amo eles (:

  • danny, I sample of clusters you!
    harry, you are the most beautiful!
    tom, you are cute!
    dougie, you are more beautiful!
    mcflys, I love you!

  • leticia

    I love you dougie Poynter if they want to add that this is my mail

  • anja

    hi.i want to tell that mcfly are the best band in the world.dougie you are so hot and you play guitar very well.

    love anja

  • I just wanna say I could be soon related to Tom !! His first cousin has bin going out wit my bro for a year now!! 😀

  • MileyMcFlyLover


  • kaylynne

    OMG HE IZ HOTT!!!!! <3 ya dougie!!!! hogs and kisses!!!!!!!! hehe

  • spoiLed qirL

    I LOve forever McFLY ..! Danny’s so cute .. I LOVE YOU DAnny ..! <3

  • Jar

    За статью спасибо вам огромное, все по делу, достаточно много кто это использует

  • Tom is my favorite cos he so hot and mega sexy LOVE U 4 EVA MCFLY

  • tom if mega SEXY and fit he is the best Love u Mcfly

  • J.

    OMG how could they be more HOOT !!! UAIHAUHAUHAUHAUAHUAHUAHAU’

  • McFly you’re the greatest band in the world!
    You guys have to come too Norway sometime ^^ that would be great fun <3
    I and my Friends shall travel to a concert ^^
    I hope you’ll come too Norway someday 😉
    – Camilla from Norway 🙂

  • nadi


  • Bruuh


    aai dougie (L tee amo 😉

    Dougie te amo mucho ..

    oo reésto não seei eescreeve ¬¬’

  • dougie, i love you!! x helen from belgium!! you’re hotttt…

  • they are faf !! dougie is fit

    love him foreva

  • alejandra

    hi♥ o0o0o0o yeaaaaaaa!!!!!!!
    dougie and danny i love you

    the best
    mcfly I LOVE YOU

  • McFlyGirl

    I Love Harry and Dougie!!!!!!!
    You’re my life!
    I love you
    I Love you
    I love you
    I Love you
    I love you
    I Love you
    I love you
    I Love you
    I love you
    I Love you
    I love you
    I Love you

  • Viciada no McFly

    Dougie e Harry eu amoo vocêes muitoo!
    meu sonho é um dia eu conhecer vocêss!

  • McFlyGirl

    McFly you’re the best band this world !

    I’m from Brazil, I’m brasilian
    but, I’m writing now because I Love You, you’re my life, my big life!
    I Love You McFly!!!

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