Rupert Grint

Ruper Grint Shirtless

What’s with all the hoo-haa’s about this shirtless Daniel Radcliffe thing recently? I think almost EVERY blog on the internet has at least 3 pictures of him flaunting for the Equus promo shoot. Whatever. I don’t think he’s hot even a bit. Like really. Not even cute. He got this weird body (no offense to Radcliffe fans, just my personal take) and the pictures are not delicious enough at least to me.

As a sign of rebellion against this icky situation, I present you the hottest kid in Harry Potter, Rupert Grint. Let’s see, he’s a red head, cute, adorable, a red head and a red head again (bless Jamie Kennedy and Jon Foster, may they stay red forever and ever). These lavish and fabulous shirtless pictures of Rupert Grint are from an English movie, Driving Lesson. Ladies, check out those pinky boynips. Daniel Radcliffe eat your heart out!

Rupert Grint from Driving Lessons

Rupert Grint from Driving Lessons

Rupert Grint from Driving Lessons

Rupert Grint from Driving Lessons

Rupert Grint from Driving Lessons

Rupert Grint from Driving Lessons

Rupert Grint from Driving Lessons

Rupert Grint from Driving Lessons

Rupert Grint from Driving Lessons

Boy-nips alert!

Shirtless Rupert Grint

Shirtless Rupert Grint

Shirtless Rupert Grint

Shirtless Rupert Grint

Shirtless Rupert Grint

Shirtless Rupert Grint

Shirtless Rupert Grint

Shirtless Rupert Grint

Shirtless Rupert Grint

Rupert Grint from Driving Lessons

Rupert Grint from Driving Lessons

Finally, my most favorite picture. Much better than a horse!

Rupert Grint from Driving Lessons

  • dear mother mary in heaven what i wouldn’t give to have sex with him

  • fan

    seriously. rupert should work-out! build a muscle!! I’m a big big fan of course, and I really wanna see him having those fine muscle toned body. So it’ll be a very sightful to see… *drool*

  • Wow, the above comments made me laugh…

    I love Ron!

    I didn’t see this movie, though I want to but wow. He has some nice shoulders.


    Rupert Grint Rocks!


  • Randi Tripp

    OMG!! I want so much to have sex with Rupert Grint. I wouldn’t kick him out of bed for eating cookies!!! OMG!!
    WHAT A BOD! i am soooooooooo buying this movie!!!!!

  • Those above comments i have just read are so Hilarious! but they are so true! Who wouldn’t want to get into bed with Him! I mean just look at him!!!! Laughing my head off! Peace!

    Lily H.

  • potato

    OMG, Rupert is damn so hot…but I don’t think this hair style match him
    he has better hair style in HP 3,the prisoner of akzarban.
    Anyway, he look good to me alltime.

    I love you…rupert !!!

  • ohh ummm the things on top were funny but i still love daniel no offence rubert but you know ……anyway the hottest pic of him is him on is bed loking at the ceiling.

    p.s. that girl is damn ugly who the Bloody Helll would want to have sex with her!!!!!

    p.p.s if you are reading this rupert tell daniel bout me.!!!!!!

  • sara

    Ive seen this move it´s great i´m not one of those fans that look everywere to find rupe I think his a good actor I think he is cute (you have to excuse my english i´m from sweden) my friend sent me this webbsite so I thought I check it out well, bye I guess


  • Sophiee

    Omgg I Loveee Himm So Muchh Justt Soo Yummy =P

    Arghh!! lol hess so hot 🙂

  • Lilie

    I know, he is maturing very very well. i agree with all the above comments, this boy is looking damn fine! my god it’s only gonna get better!

  • Umm… I love you for posting this?

  • Fiona

    Just looking at this made me remember my little crush on him back in 8th grade… I had a thing for redheads at the time. I still think he’s better looking than Daniel Radcliffe.

  • Jean

    finally!! god what i wouldn’t do to get at that boy! not only is he hawtt! but he carries the trio in the films, if it wasn’t for him i think harry potter wouldn’t do half as well as he does. i mean who can wait for the quirky ron scenes? just a shame he ends with hermiony in the end!

  • Rob

    SO can’t agree with you about Daniel.R! (is THAT why there are none of him in here??) Rupert’s cute, but Daniel’s furry belly?…..whoa!

  • sera

    u r soo hot i love u

  • Abby

    I would let him have sex with me anytime. MAN!!!! I would even get pregnant with him. I cant imagine him in bed!!!!!

  • bub


  • bri™

    omfgg im a guy and i freakin love rupert….youre right hes way hotter than radcliffe

    and i finally see him shirtless haha….very hot boynips for suree

  • Larissa Machado Silvano

    Kara o Rupert Grint

  • Larissa Machado Silvano

    I love you Rupert Grint

  • Larissa Machado Silvano

    Daniel Radcliffe Kiss
    Emma Watson Kiss
    Rupert Grint Kiss
    I love they

    I am Brazil Kiss

    I LOVE THE MOVIE–> Harry Potter [Everybody]

  • Larissa Machado Silvano

    I my sorry —-> I’m Larissa — I’m from Brazil

  • tubemira

    he is very lovely!! xD

  • jackie

    haha, man that’s cute. he is so adorable, in a totally dorky way. he’s like… not the type of guy i would take notice of in school. And in ten years time when we meet again for a reuinion, you see how much he has grown up and wish that you had taken notice before then the type of man he would become. it’s so refreshing to see boys like him in the film industry

  • mara jane!!!!!!

    AHHH rupert is soooo damn sexy!!!!! so ya i would most deffinatly have sex whith him!!!!!!!!

  • KyeJ

    rupert is my future husband. no joke. he is very sexy. shoulders, hair, accent, personality, everything. hes not full of himself. i hope he stays humble. if not, then he loses alot of his appeal. but in the meantime, THIS BOY IS YUMMY

  • Dee

    Have you seen all the new pictures of him from his new movie he’s filming, Wild Target. Now he has facial hair and everything and even hotter. He might be naked in that movie, and has a graphic sex scene in Cherrybomb. Next year is gonna be HOT!

  • szoszo

    look i just have something to say and i know i sound like a dane cook stand up. i love rupert. really. but i dont see whats wrong with daniel radcliffe. i dont think weird is an explanation sorry 😀 i think he has a wonderfully defined body, just like rupert. dont hate him cause hes beautiful 😛 cheers

  • DAMN! I would LOVE to hav a night with him…if u no wat i mean.. 😀

  • Selina


    I think you are so sexy and gorgeous. I’m a huge fan.

  • OMG! OMG! OMFG! can i kiss his neck and chest pleeeeeeeeeeeease?!?! Rupert is so freakin HOT!! can he stay im my bed for just 1 night! ill get the condoms lol! could he get any hotter topless! GREAT shoulders, nipples,accent and personality!

  • Selina

    He is soooooo freakin’ fine in these pictures, especially the shirtless ones!
    Rupert, I love you so much, I think you are the hottest guy ever!

    Hugs and Kisses,


  • Yvonne

    omg! Rupert is heaven on earth! i loved him in DL but you should see how hot he looks in Cherrybomb and Wild Target!

  • pmase

    I so agree that he is fit! much hotter than radcliffe.

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  • damn rupert is hot

  • fan


  • i thiink thats rupert iis fuckiing georgiious and should be iin a kiising comptition cause he iis amaziin at kissing.Hiis hair iis the best, so wat iif iit iis red, hiis face iis cute ent iit!!!! mmwwaahh lurrvv yhoo rupert x x x (L)

  • He iis soo much better than daniel raddcliff however yhoo spell hiis name haha!!! i dnt want to be one of those obsessed mad fans so i am gunna just say i luvvv yhooo loads.yure a perfect cute red head hunk mmwwaahhx x

  • tany hole


  • Brian

    Way, Way HOTTT, Love the smooth chest.. Him & Daniel are my perfect mates..

  • HappySoPink

    Good God the man is super Hotness. As for him being chubby or whatever. I could care less. I think he’s sexy for him. Who he is as a person. That’s what makes him sexy. Grant you, I think he has an awesome sexy body regardless. Maybe one day, in one of his newer movies, he will give us a shot of his fuine arse. Hee hee. Maybe a frontal. *blush*
    Anyways, he’s rockin the sex meter as far as I’m conerned. And if things were different, and I could meet him in person. Hopefully the feeling would be mutual, I would have one night with him. But I can tell you it would be a very long night. *blush* As for CHERRYBOMB, it was awesome. But it wasn’t that bad @all. Basicly you see him shirtless. She shows more. And it doesn’t go very far. <3 Rup's.

  • Andy

    He is so hot. I wanna see him and Daniel fight it out shirtless – I think that Rupert would win

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