Jason Mraz in Jane Magazine

Jason Mraz

I never thought my favorite cheeky puppy-eyed singer Jason Mraz would go shirtless. Although chest hair isn’t something I’d expect from this guy but I’d do him nonetheless. Mraz has this most adorable singing voice, so soft and soothing, I could listen to him mumble and rhyme for hours! These shirtless (not to mention naked too but still SFW) pictures of Jason Mraz are from Jane Magazine shoot a while back in 2006, on the topic of “10 Stars You Want To See Naked Right Now”. Yeap, ageing Survivor host Jeff Probst was on it too but between the two of them, Mraz is still my serenading sweetheart.

Jason Mraz Shirtless in Jane Magazine

Jason Mraz Shirtless in Jane Magazine

Jason Mraz Shirtless

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  • Tennis lover

    I love his hair around his beautiful nipples. I want to lick them plus I love his music. love hat picture where his hand is going into his shorts. pull them down and let’s see those balls.

  • kbtoyz18

    Jason Mraz is just soooooooo hot! He makes you want to do him so badly. He’s just so cute.

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  • quickbrownfox

    i’d stop the world and melt with this sexy dude!

  • Alyssa Shay Fox

    Wow! Lemme tell ya one sexy boi!! Hehe love u jason mraz!

  • Candy

    I’m in love with the nak*d pictures of him. I want to have $ex with him NOW

  • soccer4life

    Holy cheez whiz on a cracker! To be that hand… (You all know what picture I’m talking about.) I’m lovin’ those shorts in the beach photo. I’m surprised that he isn’t wearing a hat in most of these pictures. Don’t get me wrong I love his quirky choice of hat wear, but I also love his beautiful hair. It makes me want to run my fingers through it, but I prefer it a little longer than it is in most of these photos. I can’t believe someone can be so gorgeous and also have such a magical, moving voice. When I listen to his music, I feel like I’m floating. He’s just that good. Well I guess I’m done with my spiel…

  • Kike

    Jason Mraz is cute, hot and sexy, he´s de perfect boy for me, i was tath he come in to México…

  • Say WHAT?

    He sucks and so does his music. And those nipples are GROSS.

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