Paul Rudd

Paul Rudd Shirtless

Piercing green baby eyes. Check. Soft dark wavy hair. Check. Delicately hairy chest. Check. Paul Rudd is truly a classic heartthrob, well at least he made my heart pumping every time I see him on screen. Whether in fake mustache as Brian Fantana on Anchorman to dumb jock in Wet Hot American Summer, Paul Rudd deserves more exposure in mainstream movies. For now, enjoy these shirtless caps of Paul Rudd I made from Wet Hot American Summer, naughty naughty!

Paul Rudd Shirtless

Paul Rudd Shirtless

Paul Rudd Shirtless

Paul Rudd Shirtless

Paul Rudd Shirtless

Paul Rudd Shirtless

Paul Rudd Shirtless

Paul Rudd Shirtless

Paul Rudd Shirtless

Paul Rudd Shirtless

Paul Rudd Shirtless

  • hes fit but i seen betta piks ov him hes well nice on CLU3L3SS.!!!!! Yumm Lol XxX Sammi3 XxX

  • Sophiiieee

    I Agree Wiv Yhuu Samara (LOL I KNOW YHUU :D) He Well Nice In Clueless n As Mike In Friends …. YUM = )
    Sophiieee Xxxxx

  • Jazz

    OMG he is abosolutly to die for in Forgetting Sarah Marshall. He has a lush tan and he just looks great full stop. He looks so much nicer with stubble though.

  • Bailey

    He is sooooo cute! I loved him in Clueless, Knocked Up, and 40-Year-Old Virgin!

  • max

    ooh,hes cute!

  • Tanya


  • Mandeee

    omg everytime i see him i almost pee my pants ! D:

  • Bruno

    He´s perfect in “The Object Of My Affection” there´s a whole towel scene that´s totally worth seeing …I know it cause I got the DVD!!!! hahahh

  • Jazz

    Just to reinstate my admiration from above, how nice does he look in this picture…

    and then you see him without stubble…

    Its up to you but I know which one I will say

  • Hmmm… I totally understand your dilemma… I think I’ll have to go with the clean shaven one. Wait, no I’ll take the stubble one. Umm wait. Uhm…

  • cohencha

    Here’s another one

  • Paul Rudd is so unbelievably handsome. I can’t look at him without instantly thinking of the rolling stone photo where he is sprawled out on the bed, his legs spread, only a white sheet keeping our eyes shielded from his yummy goods. I just want to cuddle up next to him and grope his entire body. I’d die happy!

  • let’s try that avatar here

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  • rh

    Check him out in “The Shape of Things”. There’s a great scene where he’s in a t-shirt and a pair of tighty whities. He’s got a cute butt, too.

  • Francois

    Paul is a hairy man, with a hairy chest, and a happy trail. Hopefully, he doesn’t have back hair, though!

  • Francois

    Paul is a hairy man, with a hairy chest, and a happy trail. Hopefully, he doesn’t have back hair, though!

  • Charlie

    You know I just found out that your third (Paul Rudd) and fourth (Jon Hamm) husbands are longtime buddies? Ok that just struck me pretty interesting because I just read this cool, random, fun interview conducted by Paul about Jon… Wow I can’t believe they were tight friends since college, and then now look where they are.

  • scott

    he has a fat ass in person,,,but is soooo beautiful….

  • J.-F.

    iIdidn’t know that Paul Rudd had such a hairy chest. I think I would like to run my fingers across his chest hair. And down the length of his happy trail.

    There’s something I’m curious about: is it true that Paul is jewish? If so, that means he has a circumsized cock, which is interesting…

  • Francois

    I would like to caress his chest, run my fingers across his chest hair, and put my face in all that welcoming fuzz while saying «Paul»!

  • bobby

    my mouth waters everytime I see Paul rudd! I wold love to eat hom a few times!
    He is one beautiful Man! Come on Paul,give me a call!

  • jckfmsincty

    Someone told me that Paul Rudd is Jewish. I hope that its true.

  • François

    @ jckfmsincty:

    I read somewhere on the web that Paul is Jewish, and that he was born Paul Rudinsky.

    Of course, you can’t believe everything you can read on the web…

    I guess we’ll have to verify this information. First, what we need to do is get Paul in the nude, and check if he’s got a circumcised cock or not.

    Then, if he does, we should ask him if he was cut, specifically for religious reasons.

    That should provide us with the details we need.

    After that… I wanna make sweet love to Paul.

  • Stacy

    Yes, Paul Rudd is Jewish. But he wasn’t born Rudnitzky. His grandfather changed the name way before he was born.

  • François

    @ Stacy

    Thank you for the information, Stacy.

    Do you know wether Paul is a devout, very religious jewish person, or if he is the kind of Jew who doesn’t make such a big deal out of his religious or ethnic origins?

  • Janet

    Paul’s family follow their beliefs but never cram them down others.
    Very kind man and family. His mother Gloria just organized a large fundraiser for St Judes Hospital for children inviting Paul and other celebs to help raise money at a Poker tournament here in K.C.
    Paul had my mother on set of I Love You Man right before she passed of cancer.
    I think the world of him, his hotness and his heart!

  • karen

    omg i would jump his bones…….

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