Poll: Alt/Rock Hotties

Alt Rock Hotties

It’s here again! The last poll had been a blast and you still can vote and view results at the poll archive. This week, which alternative / rock star you’re dying to see shirtless?

  • Brandon Flowers From The Killers, I’d eat crap to see more of his skin
  • Joel Madden From Good Charlotte, he’s much cuter without the eyeliner on
  • Guy Berryman Hot bassist from Coldplay (sorry Chris Martin!)
  • Tyson Ritter From alterna-emo boyband The All-American Rejects
  • Pete Wentz The hottest kid from Fall Out Boy (in fact, the only one)

Brandon Flowers

Edit: Uhh… I’m sorry but Brandon Flowers is overwhelmingly super duper cute in The Killer’s music video Read My Mind so I just had to post his pictures here. Not that I’m biased or anything but I voted him twice… Okay maybe 3 times. I’m gonna stop now.

Update: Sorry, this particular poll is not available at the moment.

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