Poll: Shirtless American Idols

American Idol Hotties

Which American Idol contestant you’d rather see shirtless? My options might not be to everyone’s liking, so you can provide others too. My vote goes to Bucky Covington and Jon Peter Lewis. *Hides away*.

  • Bo Bice from Season 4, loves when he wear buttoned down shirts
  • Chris Richardson from Season 6, current hottie
  • Jon Peter Lewis from Season 3, cutest Idol ever?
  • Taylor Hicks from Season 5, I know some of you would vote like crazy
  • Chris Daughtry from Season 5, bald has never been this sexy
  • Bucky Covington from Season 4, my favorite husband material

Update: Sorry, this particular poll is not available at the moment.

  • Both Chris’s and Taylor!

  • love see chris and taylor with out shirt on

  • love see them with out shirt on

  • jim

    john peter lewis appeared shirtless in one of those group videos (splish splash i was takin a bath) along with john whats his name (the hot red haired one from that season). i wish someone could get this video.

  • And I’m dying to see me some Chris Richardson, but JPL is a hunk of sexy man and I’m eatin’ him up. Mmm, mmm, good.


    CHRIS RICHARDSON!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Chris Richardson!!!

  • annie

    -SHOCKED look-
    no jason castro? my, my, my. =O

  • juansk

    chris richardson from season 6

    finally a shirtless pic of him!


  • leonard

    only if it was david archuletta.

  • jenmeyers84

    chris richardson is the sexiest! and Jason castro… and of course kris allen this year!

  • Kevin

    Ok that link is no longer working can someone pls email me that pic!! Chris Ricahrdson is my fantasy man and I have been waiting on this pic for a long time please email it to me…..I would be forever greatful

  • david

    TAYLOR HICKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • david

    i would love to sniff taylor hicks armpits

  • david

    i want to lick chris daughtry’s bare chest and armpits

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