Shawn Ashmore in Blood Moon

Shawn Ashmore Shirtless in Blood Moon

What is it with Canada and smokin’ hot guys? Ryan Gosling, Ryan Reynolds and now Shawn Ashmore? What do they eat there? I first noticed Shawn’s hotness in (duh) the movie X-Men where he played a young Iceman but not much drooling can be done there. These delicious shirtless pictures of Mr. Ashmore from Canadian movie “Blood Moon” (also known as “Wolf Girl”) are captured with perfection by one of my newest contributor, Psiwire. Looking forward for more of his generous captures in the future!

Shawn Ashmore Shirtless in Blood Moon

Shawn Ashmore Shirtless in Blood Moon

Shawn Ashmore Shirtless in Blood Moon

Shawn Ashmore Shirtless in Blood Moon

  • Metcalfe

    absolute yumminess

  • Chris

    :”>:x More Naked Shawn Ashmore!!!!

  • Ryan

    wickedly yummy!!!

  • sara

    did you know he has a twin? i believe his name is ryan? double the shirtless goodness, mmm

  • ana

    Hi he is hooot!!
    His twin is AARON not ryan! lol xD

  • d.elisa d.

    very hot.

  • Milton

    Strange as it may seem, I think that Shawn is sexier than his twin brother, Aaron. But I wouldn’t kick Aaron out of bed for eating crackers, either.
    What DO they feed young men up there in Canada to make them so fine?
    P.S. How about some pics of Aaron, too? Also, please do Shawn Ashmore 2.

  • HOT…can’t say anymore.

  • lauren

    just a little more towel removing and the shot would’ve been PERFECT!!!

  • jay

    Come to think of it, I’ve seen Shawn as Iceman in the X-movies, and Aaron as Jimmy Olsen on Smallville, and I have to say, for identical twins, Shawn is kinda hotter. Or is it just the roles?

  • Cristina

    love him soooo much !!!!!he loooks sooo yummmyyyyy:X:X:X:X:X:X:X:X:X

  • diiego

    waa he’s hot
    he exited me

  • chris

    goddamn that boys hot…what do canadians do to get so damn fine?

  • Billeh

    Someone else needs to watch Prom Queen. It has Aaron in it and he is shirtless in it.

  • Adam


    Prom Queen was great!!! And a very hot and shirtless Aaron!

  • max

    delicious. i love him and his twin bro,both hot,but Shawn is hotter

  • Hotblackhole

    he’s hot, he exited me

  • ILuvguys

    I have two questions: What is the name of this movie that our fair Shawn is in? and is he actually naked in this movie?

    Now, all we need is for his twin, of Smallville fame, to get shirtless and naked also!!! Show us more, you adorable Ashmore twins!!!!!!!!

  • To answer you questions, ILuvguys, these are from tv movie “Wolf Girl” or better known as “Blood Moon” in Canada. I think you can get it on DVD as Psi did. As for the nakedness, I don’t think you see frontal but there were some bum action going on here!

  • there hot pics but funny. ashlee yoo,20


    hes kinda seducing my hummmm well
    YUMMY HOTTIE i like him

  • Dave1955

    There are some delicious shirtless scenes of Shawn in the recent made-for-Canadian-TV movie “Diverted” about the planes that were diverted to Newfoundland in the wake of Sept. 11. He has a scruffy beard that is very sexy, and his chest is gloriously unshaven. Major hotness.

  • marc

    in that film the towel drops down and you can see what he is hiding … near to nothing … lol

    the film is also about freaks and he bothers them. in that scene it becomes clear that he is also a “freak” cause he has a “micropenis” … so there’s not a lot to see of a penis, it’s more about his bush …

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