Presenting Mr. World 2003, Gustavo Gianetti

Gustavo Gianetti Shirtless

I don’t usually feature models here because technically they are not celebrities unless they’re super, duper models with some crappy movies like Antonio Sabato Jr. Mancandy Gustavo Gianetti here definitely makes an exception for all that. He won the title Mr. World 2003 so that makes him a celebrity right? Okay, I was trying to find an excuse to post this GORGEOUS looking hunk like, ever! Gustavo’s chiseled face has that Beckham-like quality (yeah, I just said that) and he can be stunning and adorable at the same time. Brazilian guys never failed to mesmerize me with their charms. Enjoy your weekend with my perfect man, Gustavo Gianetti shirtless showing off those fine, smooth, lickable muscles!

Gustavo Gianetti Shirtless

Gustavo Gianetti Shirtless

Gustavo Gianetti Shirtless

Gustavo Gianetti Shirtless

  • Jazz

    OMG absolute stunner. Where has this fella bin hidin?

  • Juiz Forano

    He lives in Juiz de Fora, Minas Gerais, BRAZIL !!!

  • Chyna


  • heartgirlie

    Oh god!!! I just wana dip him in oil!!!!

  • Evan

    Just that you mentioned Mr. World. The winner of Mr. World 2007 from Spain, Juan Garcia, is also super HOT!!!!!

  • Mo

    Mmm Brazilian.

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