Poll: TV Hotties

TV Hotties

Right, so we came to conclusion that half of you loved or wouldn’t mind to see Sanjaya Malakar shirtless, while the other half got nauseated when I posted the poll. It’s time for our fifth shirtless poll, folks (sorry for all the vomiting caused from the last one, if any). Which TV personality you wish to appear shirtless more? I have listed the mainstream hotties here, but of course you can add others too if you like. I voted for Anderson Cooper because news has never been this intense. Silver hair rules!

Update: Sorry, this particular poll is not available at the moment.

  • Joanna

    no website. I came on this site by happy accident!!! I absolutely love and adore men with hair on their chests. It’s so sexy to me. Always has been, always will be. Thank you for this wonderful look at these awesomely adorable sexy men. I was beginning to think all the men were going ‘bald’ so to speak. I don’t care what thier sexual persausion, I love the male figure especially when it is graced with just the right amount of “dusting” of beautiful hair on their awesome chests! I guess you liken me to the guys that love pretty boobs on women. In my case it’s gorgeous men!! I guess I’m just a man’s woman all the way. Even though I’m “older” I’m not “deader”!


  • edrazeba

    #1. Seacrest
    #2. Cooper

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