Adam Campbell in Date Movie

Adam Campbell Shirtless in Date Movie

Adam Campbell can make parody movies all he wants but there’s nothing phony about his lean physique! I was pleasantly surprised to see a very lickable hot figure from this English actor, you know with all those crappy (but somewhat entertaining, and it’s getting old) parody films like “Date Movie” and “Epic Movie” he did and apparently, those are the only thing he did so far. Is there any plans to make a movie other than ones that are making fun of other movies? Adam’s gorgeous tight little body need to be shown a lot more to the masses. These shirtless showcase of Adam Campbell are from, you guessed it, “Date Movie” – slapstick but stimulating! And please do look for the succulent oasis of chest hair amongst the tundra on last few caps, delicious isn’t it?

Adam Campbell Shirtless in Date Movie

Adam Campbell in Date Movie

Adam Campbell Shirtless in Date Movie

Adam Campbell Shirtless in Date Movie

  • Jill M.

    Adam Campbell is yummy, to say the least, very good acting skills, and very entertaining to watch. I enjoy him as an actor!

  • Nikki

    HAWT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! He’s such a pretty boy! HAWT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • nup, nup he just doesn’t cut it for me his just like all those NORMAL guys u see BORING……

  • he so cute in epic movie… and looks a lot younger with the hairstyle…

  • leonard

    he kinda reminds me of david spade’s cuter brother. not that i would have had a hard time drooling over david. they’re both hot. wish someone would think of doing a photo thing about david.


    He loks like david Hyde-Pierce (Niles Crane in “Frasier”)

  • That’s a good observation Bakleeta, he probanly will look like that when je’s at David’s age.

  • Стася

    Ваааау!!! Какой пупсик!

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  • Johnny

    I was watching the movie this morning and thought I must have been seeing things. The first time Adam is shirtless there is a nice thick furpatch in the center of his chest. He is in bed when you first see him shirtless. Then we see him in the bathroom and he is totally smooth. What kind of director/producer allowed this little inconsistency to happen? How strange.

  • the best movie actors for me would be Val Kilmer and Morgan Freeman, they are really nice ‘

  • romina

    The accent, the classy type… so sexy.

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