Kevin Zegers in Transamerica

Kevin Zegers Shirtless in Transamerica

Take Ian Somerhalder, young Leonardo DiCaprio (What’s Eating Gilbert Grape), a bit of Tobey Maguire, some (early) Frankie Muniz, hint of Zac Efron and you got Kevin Zegers. Well, that means if you’re having Kevin Zegers, you’ll pretty much covers all the Hollywood hotties because this teenage heartthrob is hotness all rolled into one neat package! I’m a sucker for boys with beautiful eyes.

These elaborate shirtless pictures of gorgeous Kevin Zegers are from the movie “Transamerica“, hope it’s not too late to post here. It’s one of those films that touches your senses here and there, emotionally (with the characters and storyline) and erotically (Kevin Zegers and the “Cowabunghole” movie). Of course, there’s quite a few generous nude scenes of Kevin from this movie but you guys already knew the drill right?

Kevin Zegers Shirtless in Transamerica

Yeap, it’s Leonardo DiCaprio circa 1993!

Kevin Zegers Shirtless in Transamerica

This just screams Ian Somerhalder!

Kevin Zegers Shirtless in Transamerica

So… This” Cowabunghole” movie… Is it out yet? Cause I want one!

Kevin Zegers Shirtless in Transamerica

  • randy

    🙂 luv u kevin……………………..

  • jake

    i dunno, i can’t forget he was the kid from those golden retriever movies.

  • Mercy

    Great photos totaly hot hot
    i think i’m bernin’ up inside
    goldenmann i’ll say

  • ohh well he is so freaken cute i could even devour him he is also so fine ilove that cute kiddie face its just lovely

  • you are very sexy,,,,,,,,kevin I LIKE YOU……BUT YOU MUST NUDE ALWAYS…..OKEY….I LIKE YOUR S……X

  • chica

    awwww kevin’s soooo sexy i like his pics hey kevin te quiero muchooooo

  • abdul qudoos patoli

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  • michael

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  • felikaye

    kevin zegers pics, yummm

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