Luke Mably in The Prince and Me

Luke Mably Shirtless in The Prince and Me

After seeing and indulging myself these shirtless Luke Mably caps from Psiwire, I can finally die and go to heaven. Seriously, you guys have no idea how long I’ve been craving to get my hands on “The Prince and Me” DVD until one fine day, an angel named Psi came along and capped them for me. Luke Mably is the kind of guy that makes you go crazy, ape shit crazy (at least for me). As much as I hate Julia Stiles, Mably’s generous shirtless appearance in that movie makes up for EVERYTHING (although at times I wanted to stab her for getting that close with him LOL). Unfortunately after “Prince and Me”, he rarely make an appearance on memorable movies, except “28 Days Later” and “Colour Me Kubrick” which are not really that mainstream.

And I know for a fact that some of you also looking for shirtless pictures of Luke Mably for quite some time, the question for Luke Mably skin even asked in Yahoo Answers! So, I’m very pleased to tell you guys to drool, lick, fantasize and do what you want with these shirtless pictures of Luke Mably from the movie “The Prince and Me“. Luke Mably’s body is so gorgeous that I would boil his boxers up and make tea out of it. That lean body is to die for!!! I’m in euphoria right now!!! Thanks a gazillion, Psi for making my week!!! It’s an abuse of exclamation marks!!!

Luke Mably Shirtless in The Prince and Me

Luke Mably Shirtless in The Prince and Me

Luke Mably Shirtless in The Prince and Me

Luke Mably Shirtless in The Prince and Me

  • so sexiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii!

  • so sexiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii! and hot and zac efron looks like freakin munkey buttcheeks. im only being honest. no offense if u happen to like the pair of munkey buttcheeks

  • anna

    very hot.

  • Olivia

    OMG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! He’s so f***ing hot!!!!!!!!

  • SEXY

    Woah! HE IS HOT! I just watched the beginning of the movie… Shoulda stuck around for the important part. Hehe

  • AKI

    OML ( Oh my Luke ) He’s so hoott, he’s got something I don’t know that makes me go crazy!!..
    and zaaac efrroonn.. OMZ, hahahaa!

  • edward

    its so delicious

  • Yas

    He’s so delicious to lick…I want to be on his body licking all his skin…I’m sure he woudn’t mind…

  • Complex

    OMG!!!! I fell IN LOVE with him in this movie. He’s not really my type.. but it’s something about him. SO SEXY!!! Mm MMM GOOD!!! And say what you want about the movie. It’s one of my favorites = )

  • Helene Dalan

    <3 Your’e cute

  • Te amo con todo mi corazon te deseo y te quiero par mi.

  • Chaerul_Guvera

    OMG…Luke Mably is VeRy” SEXYIIIIIIIIIIIIIIII ! I look you a handsome hehehhe…

  • Charles L Peckerman

    He is quite attractive & very handsome. He could probably earn more money by becoming a sperm donor than by acting. Blue eyes are so much more appealing than common brown.

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