Well Hello There, Alan Smith

Shirtless Alan Smith

If David Beckham was the football king, then Alan Smith must be equivalent to a soccer prince, or future king. I have always loved boys with platinum blonde hair but Alan’s delicious body seeemed to be more defined these days and look, there were some sprout on the chest too! Isn’t this a pleasant sight? He always look so intense and I wonder if that translates well in the bedroom LOL. Also, check out Alan Smith’s fabulous package in one of the pictures. Can someone say bulgetastic?

Dang, I just noticed tasty Michael Owen was hiding behind Alan Smith! And he was shirtless. Can you guys walk side by side next time please?

Shirtless Alan Smith

Shirtless Alan Smith

  • Jazz

    Woop he plays 4 Newcastle now!!

    Come on the toon!!!

  • Oshik

    he’s too cool!!!!!!

  • Lala

    Is he related to Dane Cook?

  • Lala

    I mean will smith

  • amir

    hialan smith is very cool and handsom
    i want to know his telephone number

  • I have a thing in favor of bleach hair, I know it’s not natural, but I find it quite sexy!

  • darron

    he is awesm

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