Christian Bale in Reign of Fire

Christian Bale Shirtless

You know, I always tried my best to make this website as droolworthy as I can, although there are a lot more to be done especially the “G” problem. As for now, the “B” problem is pretty much solved. We now have shirtless Christian Bale! I think he is one of the most delicious actors of today. It seems that only a few years ago we saw Bale as a cute boy in Empires of the Sun, right? Now he’s Bruce Wayne, and probably the hunkiest, tastiest looking Batman ever (since George Clooney)?

These lickable shirtless pictures of Christian Bale are from 2002 movie Reign of Fire, love that sexy facial hair on him. Well, of course the movie also has our beloved no-shirt bachelor Matthew McConaughey but frankly, I think Matteo is now a bit overexposed lately. There’s hardly any picture of him with his shirt ON for God’s sake. And right now, if given the choice, I’d pick Christian Bale over McConaughey anytime!

Christian Bale Shirtless

*Giggles like a school girl* I just LOVES when Christian Bale did his delicious lips like this…

Christian Bale Shirtless

Christian Bale Shirtless

Christian Bale Shirtless

Also, here are some Bale beef from American Psycho for now, more will be added soon!

Christian Bale Shirtless

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  • hairy man lover

    While I usually love hairy chested men, he is just too hot! Want him in the batmobile.

  • neha

    Ahhhh Christian Bale is just soo freaking hot! Hes sooo sexyy! and he has that amazing lisp when he talks which is somewhat so attractive *sighs*
    i <3 him
    hes so super sexy

  • dose b’ some willful titties, girl!

  • maxim

    he’s very hot. i loved him in The Dark Knight

  • Mary Jane

    Christian Bale Is Soo Buff
    And Yehh I Wud. Hehe

    For Him >> Mwah x x x

  • ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
    P.s Click Too See Me

    x x x

  • Sophie’Rach

    i love that pic of him in American Psycho, he’s so sexy and buff 😛
    and i love his voice it’s so cute and that makes me like him even more 🙂
    what i’d do to him 😉

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