Dennis Quaid in Flight of the Phoenix

Dennis Quaid Shirtless in Flight of the Phoenix

Besides Kevin Costner, Dennis Quaid is one of my favorite mature actor. I can definitely picture myself being his wife for 20 years and still have good, okay great s*x every time. It’s amazing how Dennis Quaid keep his body in a very good shape and who would have thought after all these years, I still wanna do him so bad, just like back in Jaws or Wyatt Earp! These shirtless pictures of Dennis Quaid are from 2004 movie Flight of the Phoenix, where you get Dennis, desert, hotness and one broken aeroplane. Oh, Tyrese and my husband Jared Padalecki (I almost didn’t notice at first) in there too!

Dennis Quaid Shirtless in Flight of the Phoenix

Dennis Quaid Shirtless in Flight of the Phoenix

Dennis Quaid Shirtless in Flight of the Phoenix

  • ooh lala

  • ladym muaf

    damn!! he’s fine!! but i don’t like him..he’s hairy!! LOL!! and that armpit!! STINKS!!! LOL!! do any of u know where i can see cpr scenes of him and hayden christensen?? if there’s any..

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  • maneater

    hey heydon
    you are so much a faggot I think that that raunchy sweat in dennis quaids armpits is great smelling. if the smell and the taste of a man’s sweaty body hair offends you then you aren’t a true homosexual or a maneateras I prefer to be called. Licking that sweaty body clean is great for long forplay always leaving the manhole and the meat for last.
    put your glamour wig on and your heels and head off to the local drag show and leave the admiration of the male body to us real men who eat manmeat.

  • Mike

    Bingo, Maneater! I love the smell of a real man, and that includes his ripe pits for me to sniff and lick.

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  • Francois

    Man! With the years, he got a few wrinkles, here and there (and they are not very apparent), but his body has practically stayed the same since the mid-80’s!

    I really, really liked Dennis Quaid in Enemy Mine, by the way. A unique man; a much underrated actor.

  • francois

    @ Maneater:

    That’s very well said, Maneater! I personally have had it with girly types, who almost look like female-to-male transexuals, à la Di Caprio !

    Whatever happenned to movie and television stars who actually looked like real men? In the 50’s, there were Charlton Heston, and Kirk Douglas, among others. The 70’s had Clint Eastwood, Burt Reynolds, Harrison Ford, Bruce Lee…. The 80’s were quite a decade, with Stallone, Schwarzenegger, Dennis Quaid, Dolph Lundgren, Lou Ferigno, Tom Selleck, Bruce Boxleitner, Jeff Bridges, Kurt Russell, Charlie Sheen…

    Stallone and Swarzenegger were still pretty active in the early 90’s, but I guess one could say those years, from the early to mid 90’s were the Baldwin brothers years. There were also Bruce Willis, Michael Douglas, and a young Johnny Depp, to name a few.

    But then came the late 90’s, with Leonardo Di Caprio, Matt Damon, and other hairless, skinny, boyish actors. That’s when things f—- up, I believe. There were a few Ben Afflecks and Vin Diesels, but the new trend had been set.

    Now, we have lots of so-called stars who look like tall boys, not like men. They will often shave or wax what little chest hair they have (think Hayen Christensen).

    I dunno, maybe it’s the fact that our society is soooo obsessed with youth and the moguls think we want stars who look youthful, who will even look boyish when they reach their fourties. They’re ssomething unhealthy, unnatural, about it all, I think.

    Let us see some beef cake, Hollywood!

  • bcooper


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  • Monique

    I have liked Dennis Quaid since enemy mine. Dennis had abs before abs became a must have for actors. Meg Ryan was a fool for cheating on him.

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