Johnny Depp in Private Resort

Johnny Depp Shirtless in Private Resort

If you’re a long time reader to this site, you probably noticed I’m not really into featuring hotties that are too mainstream because their photos are already all over the net. Having said that, I still do like to post shirtless pictures from before they were at the top. Here is one of the hottest Hollywood sex symbols of modern times, Johnny Depp, shirtless and looking fresh from one of his earliest movies, “Private Resort” in 1985. This was almost 20 years before Jack Sparrow we know and love existed!

It’s always nice to see how these mega stars started out and provided us really generous show of skin back then, even some pantless backside goodness in this case. Doesn’t Johnny Depp looks very innocent and doable in these pictures?

Johnny Depp Shirtless in Private Resort

Johnny Depp Shirtless in Private Resort

Johnny Depp Shirtless in Private Resort

Johnny Depp Shirtless in Private Resort

Johnny Depp Shirtless in Private Resort

  • Noodlemantra

    Funny how he can be smokin’ hot in his twenties and mind numbingly hot in his forties.

    Notice how it’s been 20 years but he’s only aged about 10?

  • deb

    Johnny depp
    Wonderful in everything does

  • Jolene

    Well melanie no one really cares if you SUPPOSETLY KNOW everything about Johnny Depp! Cause its REALLY annoying to those of us who really do. By the way you sound like an obbsessive FREAK! Now i will agree with you about how SOOOO DAMN SEXY he is but you also have to like him for his work and movies. Me personally my fav movie was CRYBABY!!! But if you want to talk with me email me at

  • Jolene

    OK OK I might have been wrong! Johna YOUR THE OBBSESSIVE BITCH!!! I mean JESUS CRIST leave the poor man alone. And for all of you other obbsessive freaky bitches out there just know this I LOVE JOHNNY DEPP MORE THAN ALL OF YOU PUT TOGETHER! WHAT NOW SKANKY BITCHY SLUTS!!!

  • anonymos


  • ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh I LOVE JOHNNY DEPP he’s the hottest 45 year old ever and he’s one of my favorite actors too

  • Johna Depp

    I love you so so so much!!!!!!!!! you r the hottest man that can ever walk on earth!!!! love johna

  • Abby ( I love Johnny!!!! )

    You are the hottest man on earth love Abby

  • Johna Depp

    Johnny you are so sexy,sexy,sexy !!!!!!!!! I LUV U LOTS!!!!!

  • Johna Depp

    love ya Johnny big muches !!!!!!

  • jamie johna is not a bitch

    to the bitch jolene dont call my cousin johna a obbsessive bitch u probably r the same way so shut ur mouth and if u have any problems with that email me at

  • totsie

    johna is not a bitch i’m not lieing ethier you dont even know her so how can you tell and the man is like almost 50 he wont lik you he has already been maried stick with being a fan not a crazy one

  • johna

    omfg. i thought i lost this website. like seriously lol. well….i didnt and johnny i still think you are sexy!!!! :))

  • Johnny Depp is sexy, hot, beautiful, a great man, a good father and the best actor ever…….I’ve seen all his movies and it’s great in all. i hope to meet him someday. I’m really in love with him

  • Johnny Depp is extremely great actor and is my favorite actor, but i still love the acting skills of Jim Carey whom is so funny! Johnny Depp based his role as Captain Jack Sparrow by studying the Rolling Stones guitarist Keith Richards, copying every move (head tilts, hand gestures, etc), the way he talks, hand movements, etc. I was watching Keith on this music show and it was like Jack Sparrow right in front of me. Great performance indeed Johnny Depp!
    I’m also a great fan of the Rolling Stones and other magnificent bands. Led Zeppelin is my favorite, I love the newer Beatles, Pink Floyd rules, Elvis is deferentially the King of Rock and Roll, etc. I love most of the old music.
    If you are reading this Johnny Depp, I would like to let you no that I’ve drawn my favorite stars and I drew you first.
    Also, I hope for you too make even more movies. I enjoy all of the movies with you in them.
    Thank you.



  • You all are a big bowl of fuck leaving msg’s 2 johnny..he does not give a fuck..get a live!! Ya u all are fools

  • I think this website can be a joke sometimes. But ya know im just on here to look at the sexy ass pictures. just sayin.

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