Johnny Depp in Private Resort

Johnny Depp Shirtless in Private Resort

If you’re a long time reader to this site, you probably noticed I’m not really into featuring hotties that are too mainstream because their photos are already all over the net. Having said that, I still do like to post shirtless pictures from before they were at the top. Here is one of the hottest Hollywood sex symbols of modern times, Johnny Depp, shirtless and looking fresh from one of his earliest movies, “Private Resort” in 1985. This was almost 20 years before Jack Sparrow we know and love existed!

It’s always nice to see how these mega stars started out and provided us really generous show of skin back then, even some pantless backside goodness in this case. Doesn’t Johnny Depp looks very innocent and doable in these pictures?

Johnny Depp Shirtless in Private Resort

Johnny Depp Shirtless in Private Resort

Johnny Depp Shirtless in Private Resort

Johnny Depp Shirtless in Private Resort

Johnny Depp Shirtless in Private Resort

  • oh my god what a body

  • alondra campos

    he is the hottest man the world i love him :x:x:x:x:x:x:d:”>:);) he is so fine he is gorgues

  • alondra campos

    he is so hot i almost drooled on the computer he is the hottest cuttest sexiest man in the world:x:x8-|8-|/:):-?:-\”\:d/;)

  • megannnn rice.

    oh my god.i love him so much.mmmmmmm.<333

  • Grey


    That’s all I can say.

  • melanie

    i love johnny depp he is the hottest most sexiest guy in the world i loved him since i was a really little kid and i still find him as dead sexy at his age.hes mad fine to be 43 yrs old.i no everything there is to no about him from his shoe size to his pant and shirt size,ask me a question about him and i got the answer.
    all of u might think u no him but u dont.

    totally in love with johnny depp

  • o my god i’m so in love! johnny your everything! omg your so cute! i love you! aaahhh! i’m going crazy!

  • bobo

    omg wow he looks so cute, what film was this!!

  • sarah

    soooooo hot!! man i wish i could get a taste of that!!!
    i love you so much:)

  • Jamese

    OMFG! I love Johnny! He is soo sexy! =o

  • Annonymus

    wowww… what a sexy beast….. lol. i love johnny depp. <<<33

  • Marcela

    Meu Deus, ele é maravilhoso, adorei o seu site,

    O johnny Depp é a perfeição em forma humana, ele é muito lindo..!

    Parabéns , adorei o seu web site!

  • Moi

    ooooooo…….. he is just the hottest thing!!!! hes on my door!!! this is sooo getting added. ILY JOHNNY!!!!!!
    XOXO Moi

  • Danni

    Melanie who posted on the 7th feb, if you knew everything you’de know he was 44 not 43 as he was born ’63 =] nice to clear that one up

    P.S Love Johnny…amazing in Sweeney Todd and everything else LOL! xxx

  • Carina & Kayla

    OMG! at first it didn’t look like him.. and whats with the hair?…oh well it was the ’80’s…lol, Johnny Depp we love you, but you dont have to put ur pants back ON! keep them OFF!

  • monica

    Well done Danni I was going to say the exact same thing about what Melanie posted! Obviously she doesn’t know everything about him! and of all things she didnt know it was his age!! how disappointing! now im not gonna say i know everything about him but i sure as hell know heaps!!! im in love with johnny depp!! but aren’t we all?? he’s such an amazing actor i absolutally loved sweeney todd i sure it the day it came out!! and im seeing it again soon!! wooohooo!! goodbye my johnny depp loving friends!! and remember ‘the deepest circle of hell is reserved for betrayers and mutiners!! lol i am so obsessed!

  • Oh yeah! My boyfriend,, hehe

    He’s the hottiest man in the world..OMG

    I love him more than anyone else (:

    Dont criticize what i said..its true ^^

  • kd

    Awwe 🙂 hes so freaking amazing.

  • veeveeaan

    definitely the sexiest man alive.
    and the sexiest pirate ever too

  • By far one of the hottest men alive..

  • Johnny Depp is the hottest and sexiest man that can ever walk on earth!!!!!!!!!!!!

    I love him so much and their is NO other man!!!!!!!!!!

    HES SO HOT!!!!!!

    I would like to meet him at the state fair in Sedalia Mo 65301!!!!!
    I have been in love with him since i was two years old.You can not even see part of my wall because its full of posters of johnny the sexy man!!!!!! love,Johna

  • Oh yeah I love him more than anyone else!!!!!!!Also if you have any questions about JOhnny Depp ,I have all them!!!!My favorite movie is “Cry Baby”!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Kiera

    omg i wish that either he was younger and single or i was much older
    in any case i love him and he is the most perfect man i have ever seen in my entire life.haha wouldnt my boyfriend be happy to hear that 😉
    in all of these pictures he is as gorgeous as he is now and i pure love sweeney todd he really suits that grey streak ;~)
    well anyway i think everyone fancies johnny really i bet even my bf does a little bit haha
    lol laters guys

  • lucy-jane

    omg Johna – march 18th 08
    i also <3 cry baby
    i know its not him singing but he is still fiine 😉
    at least hes singing in sweeney todd and his voice is enchanting. he could kill me anyday 😉

  • the true lover of johnny

    oh my gosh
    he is amazing
    i love him more than anyone else ever can
    i look forward to our wedding mr depp

  • I love him :]

  • I love him horrificly loads

  • I want to marry him

  • Danni (March 2nd) that is so true to Melanie (Feb 7th) i mean if u say i love the man get his age right god. He is the world to me and he is everywhere in my room except on my sisters side but you can’t see my wall at all and it goes out around the house. I love Sweeney Todd i so wish he was living with me lol i wouldn’t care if he killed people i’d join in. he he oh and just to the poeple that think they know everything bout him just a question wat is the name of his BOAT? cya obsessed fans…..

  • hi johnny depp….. you know i’m dieheart fan of yours……….. i hope i we’ll see in person even just a simple eye to eye……… you know if this happened, oh what a dream come true in my life………… i hope you can visit here in the philippines, especially here in zamboanga city- I LOVE YOU———- god bless and more power———–

  • damn!! this man is a sex-god!!

  • JOHNNY DEPP IS ssssssssoooooooo HOT and SSSOOOOOO sexy man i’d ever known!
    WELL,i dream that he’ll come to my house! (phillipines-butuan) i wish it come true…
    p.s. he is soooooo cuttte!he’s a 100 percent hottie!
    you can’t see he’s age in his face,body and style and everything (omg!)
    you see,i’m a huge fan of him since 3rd grade!

  • roxzziie

    so HOT!

  • No one yet has answered “WHAT IS THE NAME OF JOHNNY DEPP”S BOAT??????????” and u all r supposed to be johnny’s number 1 fan lol na just joshing i still wanna see if anyone does know the name still. and dont worry if you dont kno cuz u’d be really obbsesed and at times that is a bit freaky………

  • mrs. todd (I wish)

    OMG!!! He’s sooooooooooooooo freaking hot!!!!! I’M IN LOVEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!
    God…I soooooooo wish I could meet him once……
    by the way…. did I see well, that the other guy is Rob Morrow from NUMB3RS??? :S (wow… U know… he’s not bad either…. 😉 but still. JOHNNY RULES THE WORLD!!!!!)

  • siobhan

    Oh my god. I am so in love with him. He’s absolutely gorgeous, but honestly, having him stuck all over my school books makes it incredibly difficult to study. These ones are going on my school diary.

  • god just on ya books not much of a fan his everywhere i am gosh i just hope to meet him

  • Ashley

    I’m not going to lie, I just got to meet Mr. Johnny Depp in person. And let me tell you, he is by far the most amazing, genial, wonderfully handsome and lovable guy that we all believe him to be. He is caring, and he even took the time to come back and say goodbye to me as his body guard was trying to move him down the line of the Meet-and-Greet he was doing.

    He’s been my favorite star my entire life, and I am so jazzed I got to meet him and speak with him. It was definitely a once in a life time opportunity!

  • Shannon

    At first it didn’t look like Johnny Depp I thought it was like brad hill or some body stupid but when I read down below I said to myself omg ITS HIM! I totaly love him! and when u look back from right now to back them I… I… I… I couldn’t beleive it! Im In love with u JOHNNY DEPP and I want the whole world to know about it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Shannon

    Hi ashley the 20th of april one I heard u got to meet him that is…is.. is… SO TOTALY COOL well I’d like to email u and talk. Please email me at thanks bye.

  • Brittany Depp(i wish)

    OMG i freakin luv him!!!! i freakin wish i could date him n marrrrrry him!!!! God i want him!!!!!!! I wish he was my age!!!!! HOTTIE!!!!!!!!! I freakin love you JOHNNY HOTTIE DEPP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Sharni Depp

    OMG im so jealous of Ashley it must have been the best moment of ur life. I just wish he’d come out to Australia and i got to meet in and talk to him just like u did. anyway ive heard rumors dat he is comming out here to shoot one of his new movies in MELBOURNE cant wait if he does and then i want to be the first to meet him…..

  • Belle

    Johnny Depp Iz a Hotty with a botty!!! No matter what… he’s ALWAYS SEXY like no other!!!! <3 Johnny Depp like crazy!!!

  • sally sue

    he has THE greatest face ever. but his body here looks like a 12 yr olds. sorry.

  • Sally, I couldn’t agree more lol.


    I love Johnny Depp more than anything in the world!!!!!! If I ever got to see Johnny Depp I think i would cry !!!!!!!!My dream is to one day meet Johnny Depp on the Oprah Show!!!!!!!!Or for him to walk up to me at the state fair!!!!!
    I also want to go to his house and spend days with him to see how he lives.and for him to show me around!!!!Johnny Depp is so freaken SEXY !!!!!!!!!!!He is the hottest man around !!!! I can’t ever tell him how much i love him!!!!I really want to meet him at the state fair in Sedaia Mo 65301

    Johnny If your reading this i love you so much!!!!!


    I totaly agree Lucy Jane!!!!!!!!!!!!We both love Johnny Depp ALOT!!!!!!!!

    HE IS SO SEXY!!!!!!!!!
    Love Johna


    We all love him very much and we all agree that he looks sexy in the images above!!!!!!!!!!
    And we all can not tell him how much we love him!!!!!!!!

    He looked so sexy in the images!!!!
    Talk to you later guys!!!!!!!


    You are the hottest guy i have ever saw in my entire life!!!!!!
    My cousin Abby loves you so much too!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    You are also the best actress in the world!!!!!!!!

  • Abby (love ya)

    Love ya Johnny!!
    Your the best freaken sexy man in the world!!

    I LOVE YOU!!

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