Hidetoshi Nakata

Hidetoshi Nakata Shirtless

It has been a while since we’ve seen an athlete here (it’s ALWAYS been a while, doesn’t it?) and someone told me before that I should feature more Asians on the site. Boys and girls, take a deep breath and behold… The FIRST Asian hunk on Squarehippies.com, the gorgeous, beautiful, lickable, yummy Hidetoshi Nakata!

To some of you who are absolutely clueless who he is (I don’t blame you), Nakata is a VERY famous soccer player in Japan and recently been playing in football clubs in Europe. To put it nicely, he’s the equivalent of the Asian David Beckham, equally “metrosexual” perhaps. Haven’t exactly seen a lot of him without jersey on but again, I don’t really watch football that much (just to feast on the guys and their packages). These GORGEOUS shirtless and shirted pictures of Hidetosi Nakata are scanned from July issue of US GQ magazine. The first few pictures of the fashion spread are just bleh, just some nice suits but when you turned to the 5th page or so, there’s this LICKABLE picture of Nakata in the flesh!

To all Japanese droolers out there, don’t forget to leave a shoutout! I’m so wet right now you guys have no idea. Indulge yourself and don’t forget to clean up your mess afterwards. 😉

By request from Bulce, I have added 2 more Nakata pictures from GQ, including one with his full body shot. From jock to metro chic (although that standing pose suggested something else for me teehee). Delicious!

Hidetoshi Nakata Shirtless

Hidetoshi Nakata from GQ

Hidetoshi Nakata from GQ

Hidetoshi Nakata from GQ

Hidetoshi Nakata from GQ

Hidetoshi Nakata from GQ

I’ll add more Nakata pics later if anyone requested okay? 😉

  • Daniel

    Please, please, please give me more of Nakata’s pics – without the shirt!!!!! His body is amazingly irresistible!!! The lower part just above the belt drives me grazy!!!!……Devine!

  • Grey

    He looks so bad boy, in amazing clothes.
    Guys in suits drive me nuts…

  • ramiro canlas

    his lean body and strong facial features gives a sense of justice to whatever he wear.

  • Chyna

    Oohh 🙂

  • oh he’s awesomeeeeeeee!!!
    I have a blog full of his photos!

  • Klarth

    TY for this. He looks good in leather…and a suit, also.

    Also, I totally support an increase in Asian presence on this site.
    Especially if you find a rare hairy one. XD

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